mountain boots

Mountain boots or mountain boots are special shoes for mountaineering and climbing. Mountaineering shoes are made of robust material and must be comfortable, waterproof and non-slip in order to meet the high demands.

Classification in the mountaineering boots category


Mountain boots are ankle-high shoes with a particularly strong design and thick soles.

  • In the mountains
  • on rocky paths
  • while climbing and also
  • on uneven terrain

Mountain boots are mainly used.


The manufacturers divide the shoe into three categories:

The latter are only used for via ferratas. The stiff sole is not suitable for normal high mountain hikes.


The build quality makes a mountain boot comfortable, supportive and waterproof. For this purpose, the shoe is sewn from as few pieces of leather as possible. However, many mountain boots nowadays also contain modern materials such as Goretex, which make them waterproof without making the shoe too heavy. Nevertheless, many hikers prefer mountain boots made of leather. Both versions are available from specialist retailers. But how do you recognize the right shoe?

Advice at the specialist market is recommended

It is best to seek advice from specialist dealers. You should never buy a mountaineering boot without trying it on. In addition, in the outdoor shop or shoe store, there are specially sloped terrain patterns on which you can try out how the shoe wears in steep terrain. If you hit it, it’s too tight, if it pinches, it’s not the right shoe.

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