Moon Boots

What are moon boots?

water-repellent upper material Definition: Moon boots belong to the category of winter shoes. They are available for both women and men and therefore belong to the category of unisex shoes. This type of shoe got its name because its design is reminiscent of the shoes worn on the first moon landing in 1969. They are characterized by the following features:

  • welded plastic sole
  • Inner material is foamed or padded


Why can you combine moon boots?

Because of their chunky shape, not everyone is delicious. Short women are recommended to abandon these shoes, as they add too much and visually shorten the silhouette (you can find more tips for short women here). If you want to avoid the outfit being too rough, moon boots should be combined with feminine clothes whenever possible. In combination with short skirts there is a wonderful contrast between femininity and down-to-earth attitude. However, due to their warming properties, moon boots are mainly worn in winter. A short skirt isn’t exactly practical at this time of year. Small, dainty women in particular should pay attention to moon boots tight pants to combine, for example with a stretch jeans. If the usual style of this type of shoe is too unfeminine, you can dodge the less chunky models now on sale.

Are moon boots in or out?

They’re not exactly the quintessential woman’s shoe, so they’re often referred to as “stompers.” If a ski holiday resorts to warm winter shoes due to harsh weather conditions, then there is no need to wonder whether moon boots are in or out: they are comfortable to wear and will protect you from the cold. Those who choose the right model can attract attention with their moon boots and set trends during the winter holidays.

Moon Boot by Tecnica Nylon Unisex Moonboots black |  Winter boots .
Moon Boot Original Moonboots ® white, size 35-
Moon Boot by Tecnica Nylon Unisex Moonboots dark blue |  Winter.
Moon Boot Nylon Women Moonboots Burgundy |  Winter Boots & Moon.

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