Mom Son Matching Spring Looks

Do you want to create a suitable look with your son? Yeah, I know fathers usually look like this with their sons, but what if a mom wants it too? No problem! There are countless ideas to be implemented this spring. Let’s take a look!


What could be nicer than a pair of jeans and trainers of your choice? Such a look works for both girls and boys, so you can rock your favorite converse and ripped, desperate or just plain regular jeans and add a printed t-shirt to that simple yet cool look. A mom can also rock a pair of heels or sandals instead of sneakers to show off her femininity. If it’s cold, put on a sweatshirt or sweater instead and voila – your cool look is ready! If you want something a bit more chic and on-trend, then try pairing jeans with a white shirt, black jacket and heels for you and sneakers for the kids.


Pants are a great alternative to jeans, especially when it’s too hot for jeans. Rock any pants you like – white, black, nude, dark blue or even military, add a printed tee or cool shirt and some shoes or boots that you like. The design shouldn’t always be similar – the same color will do. A mom can also rock a skirt the same color as her son’s pants to look feminine and chic. Get inspired!

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