Mohawk Haircuts For Men

Mohawk Haircuts For Men

The mohawk haircut looks insanely attractive and eccentric. It was first introduced in the 1970s and offers many variations. If you feel like rocking one out and are looking for a suitable option, we’ve rounded up some bold ideas for you!

Shorter mohawks

If you prefer to wear shorter hair, consider tapering and heavily fading mohawk haircuts and try highlighting them with a bold color if you want. Remember that a Mohawk haircut requires styling and you should always have a product on hand.

Longer mohawks

Try a longer mohawk cut, it’s a very bold and high-contrast idea. If you take faded sides and long hair, then such a haircut will look very contrasting. Curly mohawk hairstyles also look very catchy and bold, and are comfortable to wear – a lot of men with natural curls try them out.

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