Modern Ways To Wear Pearls

Modern Ways To Wear Pearls

Classy girls wear pearls! A lot of people today think that while pearls are classics, they are a bit old-fashioned, but guys, you are wrong. Pearls are chic, elegant, very feminine and there are many modern and fresh ways to wear them. Let’s look at a few for inspiration.

Pearl denim

Pearl denim became popular a few years ago and is still in use! Mother-of-pearl denim is a chic way to stand out and not wear your favorite jeans boringly. You can find lots of ripped and distressed denim in various shades of blue with pearls all over or just a few on one side. You can also rock pearly denim shorts or a denim jacket studded with them – such a cool feminine touch!

Pearl sweaters and sweatshirts

A beaded sweater or sweatshirt is a chic idea to look girly in fall and winter. If you don’t have a sweater like this, that’s fine – you can easily make one yourself. Add pearls on the sleeves and shoulders or all over the sweater. The stronger the color, the cooler the contrast.

Other ideas

Mother-of-pearl shoes – with a strand of pearls on the ankle is a chic date idea and also suitable for any special occasion. Rock modern pearl accessories: a single pearl necklace for a subtle look or double rivets with larger and small pearls on different sides. Get inspired!

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