Mismatched Swimsuits

Mismatched Swimsuits

Mismatched bikinis and bathing suits have already become classics. They allow you to create your own bathing suits and different bold combinations for the beach. Here are some ideas that go with the pieces to look really wow and cool.

A simple part + a printed part

The most popular idea is to combine a striped and a plain piece for a chic and creative look without being tasteless. It can be a striped, floral, or botanical printed top or bottom and a plain top or bottom, and the colors shouldn’t always match. You can rock contrasting colors for a bolder look. A trendy idea is a halter-printed top and a simple, high-waisted lower part that looks very modern and chic. Make different looks that you like to combine by combining different bikini pieces yourself.

A printed part + A printed part

Matching prints are also fine if you want a bold and bright look. Flowers go well with stripes, this is the most popular combination to combine and again, the colors should not always be the same. You can also try various other prints and create a gorgeous look.

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