Minimalist Necklaces

Statement jewelry is fun, but the no-frills and restrained minimalist pieces have an incomparable charm. Would you like to know how to style such jewelry and look hot and bold? Today we are discussing how to rock minimalist necklaces and even how to layer them. Check out these ideas!

Individual necklaces

A minimalist necklace is a delicate and thin piece with a pretty charm – a coin, diamond, pearl or something geometric, for example a circle, a hexagon, a square, a bar or anything else you like. You can also personalize and add a little monogram charm.

Layered necklaces

Yes, minimalist necklaces can be layered! You can wear several similar necklaces with matching pendants – all geometric, all coins, all bars, or any other. Keep the chains very delicate, light and thin. Pearls are also welcome as they are classics. So you can use them instead of coins. Enjoy!

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