Minimalist Earrings Ideas

Minimalist Earrings Ideas

If you are following the minimalist trend and want to try such outfits, you may also need jewelry to make your outfits catchy and bold. Stick to clean lines, flat designs, geometric shapes, and low-key details. Minimalism is about emphasizing the beauty of simple and basic shapes. We have prepared some minimalist earrings ideas that you might love. Check it out and embellish your outfits with elegant minimalist jewelry!

Stud earrings

If you’re minimalist, think of tiny gold or silver rivets with no details and no rhinestones – that’s minimal. You may also find very catchy and chic minimalist stud earrings with geometric shapes – hexagons, circles, triangles and other shapes that will look interesting and bold in your ears.

Usual earrings

If you don’t want stud earrings, check out gold or silver hoops – not big ones, but small and even tiny ones. You won’t be looking for rhinestones or heavy and bulky accessories – being minimalist is tricky. You can also try geometric earrings and even double geometric earrings. Be brave!

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