Messy Loose Summer Hairstyles

Summer is a hot time and I’m not only talking about the greatness of this season, but the temperatures too. One of the secrets to feeling less hot is rocking a loose hairstyle – it helps air the curls and prevents sweat from building up. Do you need ideas to feel good on hot days? Here you are!

Updos and half updos

A loose half updo is a great idea, especially for a weekend – make it cooler with a couple of braids on your head or even go down or do a bun or a couple of buns. An updo is also a great idea for summer. Remember, however, that it should be airy and loose, otherwise the airflow will not penetrate and you will feel hot. An updo is a great way to keep your hair off the back of your neck and shoulders, and it will last a long time. Give it a boho touch with braids and buns, fluff it up loosely for an effortlessly chic and awesome look.

Ponytails and braids

Loose ponytails are amazing for keeping your hair off your shoulders, and you can make them cooler with braids and twists or various accessories. A loose braid is an easy and quick way to style your hair. Braids are all the rage right now. Fishtail, classic or whatever – your hair will be amazing!

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