Mermaid Blue Hair Ideas

Love or feel like one mermaid? We all remember that Ariel had strong red hair, but if you don’t want a shade like that, it’s easy to express yourself rocking gorgeous blue hair. Plus, this is a cool trend, especially in summer. Let’s see which colors are the hottest.

Pastel and light blue tones

Washed out and soft pastel tones just scream for the ocean! This is why these colors are so popular with girls who are mermaid inspired, and pastel hair is a hot trend right now. Pastel blue balayage on a darker base looks stylish and impressive, and solid shades look very romantic and soft.

Blue green

Teal hair makes a bold statement, and this lovely shade between green and blue is amazing. Teal suits many appearances and you will never go unnoticed. Since blue-green is very vivid, we recommend a solid shade. You can also try teal balayage on black or just dark hair if you want. Find your inner mermaid and color your hair!

Bold blue

Bold shades of blue are very chic and cool too. You can try ombre, balayage, or solid colors that you like. Blue looks cool on straight and wavy hair, and bold blue not only goes with the mermaid style but can also be used for cool rock and grunge looks. Fat blue hair is a trend that will stay here. So don’t hesitate to dye your hair like this!

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