Men Outfit Ideas With Plaid Pants

Men Outfit Ideas With Plaid Pants

We already told you about checkered trousers for women, so I want you to pay attention to men with such trousers. In my opinion, every man who loves fashion and follows trends should have plaid pants, and it doesn’t matter what type these pants are or what color palette it will be. You can choose between straight, narrow or wide-cut plaid pants with cuffs, crop, crop or jogger pants and combine these with other monophonic or printed items of clothing, accessories and shoes. For more interesting and stylish ideas, you can scroll down. Enjoy!

Outfits with blazers

To make more official outfits, you can repeat some classic ideas. For example, take a white buttoned shirt and pair it with a striped tie, gray vest, gray blazer, gray and black plaid pants and black shoes. Of course, you can mix and match classic and casual styles by adding a purple suede blazer and brown felt hat, for example, to a white buttoned shirt, a simple gray tie and plaid tweed pants. If you love fashionable outfit ideas, you can combine a black shirt with an emerald green blazer, a blue-green crop or checked trousers with cuffs, a leather belt, gray ankle boots, round sunglasses and a black leather clutch.

Outfits with sweaters, jackets and coats

Below is another classic combo of black and red pants, a white buttoned shirt, a black sweater over it, and black boots. For colder days, you can combine a gray sweatshirt with a dark blue puffer jacket, green and blue straight pants, lace-up boots, gloves and a black leather backpack. Or you can combine a shirt with a printed sweater or vest, a gray knee-length double-breasted suit, gray and brown trousers with cuffs and brown oxford leather shoes.

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