Men Key Tattoos

You have already seen important tattoo ideas for women, so today is the time for important tattoos for men. These type of tattoos are very popular with them and you can really find something fresh and unique taking into account all the ideas we have gathered for you. First of all, take a picture of a key: will it be a vintage or a skeleton key, a very minimalist or ornate one? Second, you can think about additional details for your key tattoo. For example, you can ask your tattoo artist to ink birds, a castle, flowers, rope, skull, compass, etc. This all depends on your importance and your desires. And third, you need to decide what colors to add to your tattoos: you can only choose simple black and white or super light tattoos. You can find more incredible ideas below. I am sure you will fall in love with these types of tattoos!

Black Key Tattoo Ideas

As you already know, the most common combination is a key and a lock tattoo. You can choose this idea and have such a tattoo on your forearms, a back or a chest. But of course you can experiment with a picture and repeat an idea with a key and a real heart or a palm as a lock. Many men choose a tattoo of birds carrying multiple keys or key tattoos with important words so that you can follow their examples.

Colorful Key Tattoo Ideas

Add your favorite colors to black outline tattoos and you will see how gorgeous they get! You can choose between yellow, silver, blue, gray or red. For example, you can tattoo an owl and a gold key and put it on your chest or back. Or take a skeleton key with the picture of a colorful skull and make it on your legs or forearms.

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