Men Jeans Trends For 2020

A new decade has begun and it’s time to freshen up your wardrobes and look a little bit. Jeans are the most wearable piece of clothing of all time. Most of us just can’t imagine life without them. If you go for trendy and current clothes, you look very modern. What are 2020 trends for men’s jeans?

White jeans

White jeans can be difficult to wear, especially in the season of grilling and sitting on grass. But if you learn how to wear them properly, they can be your favorite in spring, summer, and even fall. In fact, it goes surprisingly well with other pieces. As for the fit, which shouldn’t be too thin or too wide, the secret to making the look stand out is to go for off-white rather than bold hues and navigate easily and classically with the rest of your ensemble.

Distressed jeans

The desperate trend will continue for another year! However, with due respect, it doesn’t have to look like too much money, too little taste. Opt for ripped, bleached, and raw jeans, but avoid well-ventilated examples that have more holes than jeans.

Nineties denim

90s denim enjoys its second wind most enthusiastically! The main point of this denim trend is a loose fit and a pale finish. So you need to think about the cut and color of the kit that is next to your fallback threads. 90s denim jeans are most comfortable with color block staples like sweatshirts and hoodies. Dark shoes add a little visual weight to the lower half.

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