Men Hairstyles With Highlights

Girls often go for highlights to add a catchy look and dimension to their hair, and men are increasingly doing this now. If you are thinking about this option, I have prepared some bold ideas that might inspire you. Look here!

Shorter haircuts

Short haircuts are not often accented with highlights, but you can still try to add texture to your hair with an idea like this. If you have darker hair, go for bronde and blonde highlights, and blonde hair looks cool with deeper shades or even something reddish.

Longer haircuts

Longer haircuts are often accentuated with highlights – more or less depending on the haircut. You can highlight quiffs, pompadours, different fade cuts and much more! Both wavy and straight hair can be accented, and depending on your styling today, the highlighted hair will look different. Don’t be afraid to add accents with trendy colors like silver, ice blonde, green and blue if they suit your style. Get inspired!

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