Medium Sized Bags For Any Occasion

Small and oversized bags are leaving the arena and the hottest idea right now is a medium bag. Such bags are convenient to go to work and study, and you can take one with you to a date or party. Do you want to see the coolest ideas that will suit most occasions? Let’s go!


A handbag is a perfect piece for going to work and then somewhere else afterwards. Choose a base color: beige, brown, black, gray, cream or blush to wear as many outfits as possible. The bag can have additional long handles to attach it to the shoulder and various eye-catching details such as bold suede inserts or leather straps in a different shade.

Other bags

You can also opt for a medium-sized shoulder bag or even a medium-sized clutch bag with straps to keep it comfortable. Again, we recommend basic colors, but if you want to make a colorful statement, choose a bold shade: red, fuchsia, purple, blue, or any other. Choose interesting details and details, textures and looks.

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