Maternity Spring Work Outfits

If you work as a mom-to-be, keep your style! Do not think that you have to go to work in inappropriate clothing, you can always be stylish and trendy with your bump! Today I want to share chic workwear for those of you who are expecting a baby but still go to work. Let’s get started.

Jeans and pants

If jeans are allowed in your office, be sure to wear them! This is the most comfortable piece of clothing ever and you can easily style it, such as: B. black jeans and a long white skirt or tunic and voila! Leggings also look comfortable and can be worn with a top and a neutral shirt over them. If pant suits fit, they are welcome! Carry them with flats and comfortable bags.

Skirts and dresses

Dresses and skirts are wonderful to wear during pregnancy, since skirts usually do not get in the way, and dresses, on the contrary – show the bump. It can be a neutral or a dark blue or black dress with a long cardigan or sleeveless vest, a pleated midi with a shirt, or just a little black dress with a statement necklace. Style them with wedges, heels, or flats and you have a stylish look for maternity work!

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