Manicures You Can Wear To Work

Many offices do not assume wearing manicures that are too bright and bold, there are some restrictions. If you’re not sure which nail art or color to choose to look appropriate, here are some ideas that will work for most offices.

French manicure variations

A French manicure is a classic and is often worn to work, but you may think it’s boring. Rock out some bold and fresh variations and take on this manicure! It can be an inverted French manicure with crescents, an ombre French manicure, a geometric one, or any other for a cool and modern look. What can be more professional and stylish than that?

Other ideas

All nude tones are suitable for an office: white, ivory, gray, blush, and other tones like this – choose anything that you like and that suits your complexion. You can try a matte finish to make your nails look trendy, or give them metallic geometric accents. Add thin strips of metal to your bare nails if you want to add a shiny touch – such nail art is interesting and at the same time workable. Enjoy!

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