Long Gloves Outfits

If you can’t imagine outfits without accessories, then you should definitely keep reading this article. Soon the weather will get colder and you will have to think of warmer clothes and accessories, such as gloves. Let me show you elegant and beautiful autumn and winter looks with long gloves and give you style tips. First and foremost, it is better to wear this type of glove with a short sleeve jacket, blazer or coat. Second, try to avoid over-the-knee boots. Choose flat or high-heeled ankle or calf boots. Third, any outfit with long leather gloves will look more expensive and elegant (but of course there are many stylish long gloves made of velvet or suede). Below you will find pictures that we have collected especially for you.

Outfits with jeans and pants

Would you like to create elegant and classically designed outfits? Then take a white double-breasted knee-length coat and pair it with a black turtleneck, navy wide-leg pants, black pumps, leather gloves and a beige bag. If you are a lucky cloak coat owner, pair it with gloves above the elbow, a printed wide belt, a black wide-brimmed hat, thin black pants, and animal print shoes. I should mention that such gloves look interesting with sweaters, so you can combine leather gloves with an oversized Marsala sweater, leather pants, high heels and a black bag.

Outfits with skirts and dresses

I always recommend experimenting with fabric structures to create unforgettable outfits. For example, you can combine a beige lace blouse with a black skater skirt, black tights, a mini coat with a fur collar, an ornate leather bag and leather gloves. You can also put many different beautiful bracelets (or just one) over the gloves to make your look fabulous.

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