Leather Swimsuits

It’s summer now, the time of holidays and beaches, and I’m sure every girl has already prepared quite a number of swimsuits according to this year’s hottest trends. I have another hot trend for you to get inspired and that is leather swimsuits! This is not your typical swimwear fabric, but believe me, there is nothing hotter than leather! Many designers have proven this with their latest beachwear collections. This swimwear is ready to drop jaws and make hearts beat faster. She is nervous, sexy, and dramatic. There are all types – monokinis, bikinis, mini bikinis, with zippers, sheer additions, bold tops, color blocking and other cool details.

Sporty leather swimsuits

Are you an active girl who doesn’t like to spend hours in the sun? You will find sporty swimsuits made of black leather that are reminiscent of neoprene, but are much more breathable and perfect for diving, surfing or other beach activities. Most of them have zippers for a comfortable fit and this leather structure looks a lot cooler than neoprene. So look for some fantastic options.

Hot leather bikinis

A simple black leather bikini can wake up your inner shell bomb, although it may seem so common, the texture makes it look very noticeable. Do you feel daring today? Try a dominatrix-inspired bikini look. You will get noticed on every beach and the guys won’t be able to take their eyes off you!

One-piece leather swimsuits

A leather one-piece is a cool idea for any pool party when you want to be original and not look like everyone else. A piece of strappy cut out of one piece won’t go unnoticed at any pool party, and a piece of black leather will drive everyone crazy. A bandage-inspired leather swimsuit is a very alluring option when you’re ready to show off some skin. There are faux leather options for those who don’t want natural colors – bold metallic colors, color blocks, or just imitation leather. Note, however, that synthetic leather is not as breathable as it is natural.

Keep in mind that such a daring and dramatic swimsuit requires a perfect body to feel confident. So dress up for your workout and be the sexiest girl on the beach!

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