Lace Up Sweaters Fall Outfits

If you like to wear cozy and warm sweaters, this item is for you. Today we would like to draw your attention to feminine and so comfortable lace-up sweaters. As usual, you can choose any color for a new garment depending on your overall style and a color palette of other garments, accessories, and shoes. You should know that the most popular colors for such a sweater are beige, black and light brown. Of course, you need to choose a type of sweater, from fitted to oversized, from embellished to minimalist, from off shoulder to long sleeved, etc. Now let’s scroll down and find some inspiration.

Outfits with jeans and pants

Undoubtedly, these sweaters are perfect for casual outfits so you can easily repeat some looks. First of all, you can take a light gray lacing from the shoulder sweater and combine it with high-waisted jeans and ankle boots made of Marsala leather. Second, you can choose a beige loose sweater and pair it with distressed skinny jeans, black suede flat boots above the knee, a black leather chain with straps, and sunglasses. And third, you can try repeating a combination with white skinny pants, a brown lace-up sweater, a light brown leather bag, and brown suede boots above the knee. For a more elegant and chic look, I offer you to combine a gray, cropped one-shoulder sweater with black pants with a high waist and wide legs, an embellished belt and a black leather clutch.

Outfits with skirts

If you want something creative, you can find a tan lace-up sweater and pair it with a black lace-up mini skirt, a printed bag, three colored platform shoes, and a beige suede toe cap. See more ideas below.

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