Lace Up Skirt Outfits

You already know that the lace trend is everywhere! All fashionistas and celebrities try to wear clothes or shoes with lace decor. And of course you should try it too. If you are our constant reader, you may have read about lace-up shoes and lace-up shirt outfits. Today is the time for lace-up skirts.

No doubt that for the summer every girl should have different types of skirts, depending on their desire and favorite style. A lace-up skirt is the perfect choice!

First you need to pick up a skirt according to your body shape. There are no particular secrets and I think you already know what types of skirts will suit your figure. Then you should choose the length of the skirt (the most common and popular length of lace-up skirts is mini) and the fabric. Despite the summer heat, many fashion bloggers and street stylers resort to suede and leather skirts because they look so fantastic with lace decor.

For an office look, try to find a pencil skirt with almost imperceptible lace decor on the sides and combine it with a classic button-down shirt or blouse. To make your office outfit trendier, take a high-waisted lace-up skirt and add classic pumps.

For a casual look, you can choose a mini lace-up skirt and pair it with a fun t-shirt tucked into a skirt or loose blouse. If you want to look more feminine, combine a high-waisted midi skirt with a crop top or an off-the-shoulder blouse.
Do not be afraid to mix different colors of clothes. For example, you can combine a deep red blouse with a turquoise lace-up skirt. But don’t choose a lace-up skirt with prints because you don’t need too many accents in your outfit.
Look below for inspiration. I am sure you will find some cool ideas for your everyday life. Enjoy!

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