Lace Short Outfits

Lace Short Outfits

If you want to create romantic, cute and gentle outfits, you need to find and buy lace dresses. Today let me share with you ideas about lace shorts that are perfect for every body type. I am absolutely sure that lace shorts will make your look feminine, even if you pair them with sneakers. At first glance, it might seem so difficult to combine with other clothes and accessories, but we have some cool tips to help you create new and fresh (and most importantly, not boring) outfits for your everyday life. Just scroll down to see them all and enjoy!

With flats and sneakers

Do you want to create a casual outfit? Then take a simple white t-shirt and combine it with beige lace mini-shorts, a denim vest, a black fringed pocket and white and black sneakers. Or you can experiment with a texture of fabrics by mixing a black leather jacket with white lace-trimmed shorts and adding a black top and white sneakers to this outfit. To create more girlish outfits, you can combine a white loose blouse, printed shorts with a lace trim, a mini clutch (you can take a light one) and black lace-up shoes.

With pumps and platform sandals

If you love pastel colors like we do, take a light blue loose fit sweatshirt and pair it with white lace shorts, light blue platform sandals and add bold accessories like oversized sunglasses or a red shoulder bag. With black or dark lace shorts, you can combine a beige or light pink shirt, black high-heeled shoes and a small clutch. You can also add a brown or light colored belt to your shorts. However, always remember that your belt should be thin as you won’t need too many accents on your shorts.

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