Lace Button Down Shirts Outfits

Of course we already told you about lace shirts and blouses, but today we want to focus on button-down shirts. They look chic and elegant, but not only can you add them to event or cocktail party outfits, but you can also use them to create a casual and relaxed look. You can choose any type of button-down shirt or blouse, from long-sleeved to short-sleeved shirts, bell-shaped sleeves to ruffles, collarless to high-necked shirts, etc. You should also bring a whole lace blouse or a whole shirt with lace inserts, for example one Satin or cotton shirt with lace sleeves. Now I’m offering you to scroll down to see outfits that you can easily repeat. Get inspired!

Outfits with jeans, shorts and pants

If you want to create a laid-back look, you can choose a white short sleeved shirt with long lace and short sleeves and pair it with oversized sunglasses, light blue jeans with super distressed cuffs, a knitted bag and flat lace up sandals. Or you can take a white ruffled lace blouse and combine it with sunglasses, a black mini shoulder bag, denim shorts and black leather lace-up boots. For those who want a more elegant outfit, I offer to pick up orange high-waisted wide-leg pants and pair them with a black and white wide-brimmed hat, leather clutch, and black and white blouse with lace buttons.

Outfits with skirts

To create a casual look, you can choose a black shirt with lace buttons and pair it with a black bag, a tan wrap mini skirt and black patent leather boots from medium calf. Or you can take a short-sleeved shirt made of white lace and combine it with a black wide-brimmed hat, printed tights and a black skater skirt. See more ideas below.

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