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High-quality jewelry boxes are ideal for decorative storage of small treasures and are also suitable as gifts.

Classification of the jewelry box category

A glass is a small vessel with a round, oval or square shape. It is characteristic of a can that it consists of two parts: a bottom part and a lid. Today, the can is used almost exclusively as packaging material. It was very different up until the 19th century. Because cans were ornate luxuries and as such a sign of wealth and luxury.

Jewelry boxes used to be

The jewelry boxes in particular were popular pomp and honorary gifts. These were richly decorated and often provided with a portrait of the donor. These jewelry boxes initially served as a collection and exhibition. Only over time were particularly valuable goods such as jewellery, sugar, sweets and tobacco stored there.

Not only did these jewelry boxes take manual time to make, as it was very expensive to make. In addition to precious metals, alabaster and porcelain were used as starting materials. These materials made it possible for jewelry boxes to be mass-produced in porcelain factories in times of industrialization.

Today’s meaning

This reduced the cost of making the jewelry boxes so much that they almost completely lost the character of the luxury item.

Today there are numerous jewelry boxes on the market at very reasonable prices. And yet there are still manufacturers who lovingly make their jewelry boxes by hand. This is mainly because jewelry boxes have become a popular collectible item SONGMICS Jewelry Box for Women, Jewelry Organizer with. Vlando Jewelery Box, Medium Faux Leather Jewellery. BEWISHOME Jewelry Box for Women 35 Compartments.
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