Industrial Piercing Ideas

Industrial piercings are on the ear. Instead of a single hole, they use two holes through the cartilage of the ear. The two holes are connected by a barbell. Industrial piercings don’t have to go over the ear. You can get other placements with this type of piercing, they can be vertical to your ear instead of horizontal.

If you have long hair that you keep brushing and grooming, a horizontal industrial piercing may not be the best choice for you. Brushing your hair may be a lot more difficult as the bristles get caught on the horizontal bar. With a vertical piercing, there is less risk of pulling on the piercing and causing unnecessary pain.

You have to keep in mind that if you opt for an industrial piercing, you will get two piercings, not just one. Hence, just because you go through the procedure twice, all the pain you would normally experience with a piercing will be doubled.

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