How to wear white chiffon blouse

If you ask me what you can easily wear as part of a work outfit that will instantly make you more feminine, the first thing that comes to mind is the white chiffon blouse. Whether it’s a chiffon shirt with buttons or a chiffon blouse without buttons, it’s easy to style. An intuitive way to do this is to simply swap out the white buttoned shirt for the chiffon blouse for whatever outfit you wear. For a more detailed and comprehensive styling guide, I have rounded up some of the best white chiffon blouse outfit ideas for you. Let’s look at them now.

White chiffon shirt with skinny jeans and white heels


In fact, I’ll start with a signature white button down shirt and a skinny jean outfit idea from the list. Even if the outfit is too common, it is still a chic and timeless outfit. Now you can make it more interesting by twisting it a bit. Just replace the typical buttoned white shirt with the white chiffon shirt. You can continue the sense of elegance by wearing white heels and a white handbag.

Chiffon blouse with white skinny jeans and ankle boots

white chiffon blouse skinny jeans ankle boots

Here is an outfit idea that includes a buttonless white chiffon blouse. Wear it simply with white skinny jeans and brown suede boots. Note that there is actually a brown belt that goes with the brown boots and provides the necessary separation between the blouse and jeans to keep the outfit from looking sloppy.

Wear it with a high waisted light pink skirt and heels

white chiffon blouse high waisted pink skirt

Since a chiffon blouse is just a feminine looking piece, it makes sense to build a ladylike pink outfit around it. Just pair the blouse with a pale pink mini skirt and heels of the same pink color. A brown wallet goes perfectly with the white and pink outfit.

White and black chiffon blouse with black pants

White and black chiffon blouse skinny pants

This blouse has a more unique black and white design. As the majority of the blouse is white, the edges are black to create an artistic and elegant feel. To style it, you can just keep using black and white by wearing black skinny pants and black heels.

Wear yours with skinny jeans and heeled sandals

Skinny jeans with a chiffon blouse and cuffs

For a causal street, which is especially appropriate for fall and spring, a three-quarter sleeve chiffon blouse can be a good choice. Wear it with cuffed skinny jeans and brown heeled sandals for a minimal, breezy look.

Sheer floral chiffon blouse and floral mini skirt

White chiffon blouse floral skirt with sheer sleeves

Look closely at the image and see how flawlessly the colors and textures of the pieces work together. Wear a sheer chiffon blouse with a black and gray floral skirt mini skirt for a gorgeous outfit. The magic part is in the shoes where the gray ballet flats with black ribbons perfectly match the skirt. The result is so refreshing and chic.

Wear it with a white blazer and ripped jeans

White blazer jeans with chiffon shirt

If you want a unisex and styling outfit, this is for you. For the top, wear a white blouse with a chiffon button down and a white blazer. For a pair of ripped jeans and black heels, add a pair of ripped jeans to the mix. The stylish feel in the blazer and ripped jeans makes an interesting contrast with the elegant feel in the chiffon blouse. This is what makes the outfit so unique.

Long chiffon blouse with velvet leggings

long white chiffon blouse velvet leggings

It’s very interesting to see how a chiffon would look on a velvet outfit. This outfit shows that they work beautifully. Wear a long white chiffon blouse with velvet leggings and black heeled sandals to pull off this breezy and stylish look.

Skinny jeans & chiffon blouse with transparent overlay

Skinny jeans blouse transparent overlay

I have shown you some outfit ideas related to the ripped jeans. This looks pretty stylish, but you’ll be surprised how un-ribbed skinny jeans can actually look better when paired with a chiffon blouse. Check out this outfit, you are wearing only a white chiffon blouse with three quarter sleeves, dark blue skinny jeans with cuffs and brown open toe heels. The three simple pieces that many of you actually have in your closet somehow go together perfectly. I can imagine a minimalist would have dressed like this.

Wear it with a black pencil skirt

black pencil skirt white blouse

For a black and white work outfit, you can wear a white chiffon blouse with a black pencil skirt and black heels. This chiffon blouse creates a softer hue compared to a typical white button down shirt, but the outfit looks professional.

Wear it with light gray chinos and floral loafers

light gray chiffon shirt chino floral loafers

Here is another work outfit idea. You can combine the white blouse with light gray chinos. For the shoes, you can wear the light pink heels or the floral heels as shown in the picture for a bit more playful detail.

White chiffon blouse with bell sleeves and black pants

white bell sleeve chiffon blouse black culottes

This is a good outfit when you need to get dressed while still wanting to have a feminine element in the outfit. Wear a bell sleeve chiffon blouse, black trousers and black heels for a bold black and white look.

Sleeveless chiffon blouse with blue jogger pants

Sleeveless chiffon blouse denim jogger pants

This is a refreshing blue and white outfit for spring or summer. Just wear a sleeveless chiffon blouse with royal blue sweatpants. The color combination is therefore ideal for outdoor activities. By the way, if you want to learn more about how to wear royal blue, read our other blog to know more.

Sleeveless white blouse with black skinny jeans

sleeveless white blouse black skinny jeans

This outfit also includes a sleeveless white chiffon blouse. However, this time it’s paired with black skinny jeans and black heels, making the outfit look serious enough for work.

The purpose of writing this blog post is to help you add a little variety to your work outfit. The white chiffon blouse is so easy to wear as part of your work outfit. I’m pretty sure you can do it. Try using the above ideas as a reference to get a good start.

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