How to wear tweed waistcoat

How to wear tweed waistcoat

I think a lot of people think the tweed waistcoat is only for men. It’s that little piece of fabric that would look amazing with the suit a man would wear. However, with the development of our fashion world, the tweed waistcoat no longer looks good only for men. To prove it, I have compiled a list of how a lady can wear a tweed waistcoat in a stylish and beautiful way. Now let me show you the interesting outfit ideas.

Gray tweed waistcoat with white buttoned shirt

gray tweed waistcoat white button shirt

To start the list, I’ll show you a unisex and formal outfit. Don’t get me wrong here. Unisex clothing, especially in today’s world, can still make you look beautiful. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a white button down shirt and a gray tweed waistcoat. Pair them with blue skinny jeans and pink heels to complete this stylish look.

Dark blue button down shirt and brown tweed waistcoat


Besides the typical and formal combination of a tweed waistcoat with a white shirt or suit jacket, you can also make them a part of a stylish street outfit. For example, wear a brown tweed waistcoat with a dark blue printed button down shirt. Pair them with light blue skinny jeans and brown leather boots to add a classy touch to this cool and unique outfit.

Gray quilted tweed waistcoat over white slim fitting long sleeve t-shirt

gray quilted tweed waistcoat white slim fitting long sleeve t-shirt

To simplify the creation of a casual outfit, you can choose a quilted tweed vest instead of a plain vest. For a casual look you can wear the gray quilted tweed waistcoat over a white long sleeve t-shirt. Add a pair of blue skinny jeans and white sneakers to the equation.

Gray tweed puffer vest with all black outfit

gray tweed puffer vest all black outfit

As seen in the previous outfit, a quilted tweed waistcoat works great as part of a casual outfit. Alternatively, a tweed puffer vest can look nice and casual, especially for the winemaker. To style a gray puffer vest, you can simply wear it over a black long sleeve t-shirt. Pair them with black skinny jeans and black leather boots for a stylish all black outfit.

Navy and white vertical striped shirt with gray tweed waistcoat

Shirt dark blue and white vertical striped gray tweed waistcoat

For a stylish and relaxed look, pair a navy and white vertical striped boyfriend shirt with a gray tweed waistcoat. Wear them with dark blue skinny jeans and white sneakers to complete the look. Alternatively, you can wear white sandals for a fresh and feminine look.

Blue plaid boyfriend shirt with green tweed waistcoat

blue check boyfriend shirt green tweed waistcoat

Here’s a look similar to the previous one, but this one has a very different use of color, making the outfit look even more unique. For the top, wear a blue plaid boyfriend shirt with a green vest. Wear navy skinny jeans and nude heeled sandals to complete the look.

Quilted faux fur tweed waistcoat with white blouse

Quilted faux fur tweed waistcoat, white blouse

Now let’s look at an outfit that uses a skirt instead of pants for a more ladylike look. For this outfit, you can wear a white printed blouse with a black tweed waistcoat and a faux fur collar. Pair them with a black chiffon mini skirt and nude heeled sandals to complete the outfit in a creative and feminine way.

White t-shirt with three-quarter sleeves and gray long vest

white three-quarter sleeve t-shirt gray long vest

Here’s a layered outfit that will likely make you look longer. You can simply wear a white three-quarter sleeve t-shirt and black skinny jeans. Wear a long gray tweed waistcoat over it. For shoes, a pair of black suede ankle boots would be perfect to add a classy and feminine touch to the outfit.

Black and white patterned long waistcoat

black and white patterned long waistcoat

A long vest can often dramatically change the style of the outfit. For example, this black and white patterned long vest can transform the uninteresting all-black outfit consisting of a black vest top and black pants into a very stylish layered look. You can easily combine the pieces with black pointed toe heels.

White and black polka dot shirt with gray waistcoat

gray waistcoat with white and black polka dot shirt

When the dress code for your workplace requires you to dress formally to work, your work attire can get a little boring at times. But if you’re actually trying to up your outfit game a bit, you can still get very creative within the formal dress code. For example, instead of wearing a white shirt, wearing a white and black polka dot shirt can make a world of difference. You can combine it as usual by wearing it with a gray tweed waistcoat and a black blazer. Wear blue skinny jeans and black ballet flats for your buttocks to complete your outfit in style.

Gray quilted tweed waistcoat with black knitted hat

gray quilted tweed waistcoat black knitted hat

Here’s a perfect way to wear a gray quilted tweed waistcoat for winter. You can pair it with a black turtleneck and a black knitted hat for a glam look. For the bottom, wear only blue skinny jeans and black leather ankle boots to keep the outfit simple yet classy.

Heather Gray Tweed Waistcoat with Black Leather Pants

mottled gray tweed waistcoat, black leather trousers

Most typically, you’ll wear a tweed vest with jeans or a dress and expect to look pretty good. With the black leather trousers, the outfit does indeed look unique and surprisingly good. Wear a heather gray tweed waistcoat with a black short sleeve t-shirt, black leather pants and black suede boots to complete this creative outfit.

Light gray tweed waistcoat with white sweater and cowl neck

light gray tweed waistcoat, white cowl neck sweater

A long waistcoat can be used to create a stylish, layered outfit. For example, you can wear a white cowl neck sweater with a long light gray tweed vest and jeans. Complete your outfit with light pink strappy sandals for a feminine touch.

Wear it with a white blouse and a black mini skirt

white blouse black mini skirt

For a ladylike and pretty outfit, you can wear a long gray tweed vest with a white blouse and a black mini skirt. Pair them with light pink open toe heels to complete this attractive layered outfit.

Here are the tweed vest outfit ideas that I want to share with you. Up to this point, I hope you’ll agree that the tweed waistcoat isn’t just for men. Try them on and expand your outfit game for fun and beauty.

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