How to wear suede pants

How to wear suede pants

In many of my previous blog posts on blog outfit ideas, I have talked about many outfit ideas related to suede ankle boots. They always seem to add some elegance to the outfits. I would like to expand the use of suede and achieve an even better result. To that end, I am going to talk about the suede pants in this post. Suede pants are definitely not as easy to style as skinny jeans, but not as difficult to style either. To get you started, I’ve compiled a list of the best suede pants outfit ideas to use as a reference.

Black suede trousers with a bomber jacket


I’m not going to start the list with one stunning outfit. Instead, this is an outfit that looks comfortable and is very easy to take off. To achieve this look, pair a gray t-shirt with a black bomber jacket for the top. Black suede pants and gray ballerina shoes are a nice complement to this outfit. Based on the main idea of ​​this outfit, it seems that in typical black skinny jeans outfits, you could try to replace the jeans with the black suede pants from time to time to add more depth and elegance to the outfit.

Sleeveless silk top with light gray suede trousers

sleeveless light gray suede pants made of silk top

You can also wear the suede pants as part of a simple casual outfit like you do with jeans. Unlike jeans, wearing heels or flats with suede pants is usually better than wearing sneakers. For a good example of a simple outfit, wear a sleeveless silk top with light gray suede pants and matching suede ballet flats.

Gray lace-up shirt with brown suede pants

brown, figure-hugging suede pants

Suede pants have a feminine feel, so pairing them with a top with feminine details makes sense. For example, wear a gray lace-up shirt with slim brown suede pants. Complete your outfit with another ladylike item in the brown open toe ankle boots.

Black leather jacket with brown suede drainpipe pants

black leather jacket brown suede drainpipe pants

It’s no surprise to see that a black leather jacket pairs well with suede pants as I always refer to the black leather jacket as one of the most versatile items in the fashion world. For the top, simply wear a white blouse with a black leather jacket. Then pair these pieces with brown suede drainpipe pants and ballet flats.

White crop top with green suede pants

white crop top green suede pants

Wear a white crop top with green suede pants for a seriously chic look. The black suede ankle boots perfectly match the shoes. For a final touch of elegance, slip a black bomber jacket over your shoulders.

Oversized sweatshirt with camel suede pants and ankle boots

oversized sweatshirt camel suede pants

For a casual and glam look, you can wear an oversized light gray sweatshirt with camel suede slim pants. Complete the outfit with gorgeous details like the black leather boots and the checked wool scarf.

Green suede pants with a white bell sleeve sweater

green suede pants white sweater with bell sleeves

As already mentioned, suede pants usually look good with a top with feminine details. This outfit is another good example of that. Wear green suede pants with white bell sleeve and heel knit jumper for that feminine look.

Wear it with a green and navy checkered blanket scarf

Suede pants green and dark blue checkered blanket scarf

Very elegant and creative, this outfit uses a blanket scarf to match suede pants. Wear it with a black top with a green and navy checkered blanket scarf draped over your shoulders. Combine the scarf with green suede pants. Complete your outfit with brown leather boots.

Knitted turtleneck sweater and leather jacket with fur collar

Suede trousers, fur collar, leather jacket

This outfit looks a bit more serious compared to the previous ones and can be worn as a unique and good looking work outfit. The outfit consists of a black turtleneck turtleneck sweater, a black leather jacket with a faux fur collar, brown suede skinny trousers and black leather boots. The fur collar softens the tone of the outfit a little and adds a touch of elegance to the outfit.

Camel suede pants with denim jacket over shoulders

Camel suede pants drape Demin jacket over shoulders

I don’t want to end the list without mentioning another very versatile jacket, the denim jacket. For a unique and stylish street look, you can wear a high neck sweater with a denim jacket for the top. Complete your outfit with brown suede pants and heeled sandals. This outfit is a good alternative to a typical jeans-jacket-jeans outfit. Honestly, I still prefer the jeans and denim jacket combo a bit more because I prefer to wear it super casual, but the suede pants version definitely looks good and should be worn every now and then.

Short suede trousers with a white chiffon blouse

short brown suede pants white chiffon blouse

A very minimal and ladylike way to style the suede pants is to wear them with a white chiffon blouse. For this outfit, pair the chiffon blouse with brown suede cropped pants and light pink pointed toe heels. It’s such a simple and good looking outfit that’s really easy to pull off. If you want to see more outfit ideas for similar blouses, read our blog post on styling a white chiffon blouse.

Wear yours with an off the shoulder striped tee

Suede t-shirt striped off the shoulder

For an understated sexy and chic look, you can wear an off the shoulder black and white striped bodycon t-shirt with camel suede pants. Add a touch of elegance to the black strappy sandals.

Wear it with a black and white striped button down shirt

black and white striped shirt with buttons

Instead of a black and white striped t-shirt in the previous idea, this time it’s a vertical striped shirt with buttons. For a chic and casual looking work outfit you can wear the shirt with short brown suede pants and open brown heels.

High-waisted trousers with white button-down shirt

high waisted pants white shirt black flats

Here is another work outfit that looks chic and casual. Simply wear a white button-down shirt and high-waisted green suede wide-leg shorts. Wearing a pair of black ballet flats would go perfectly with the simple outfit.

Light gray pants with camel wool coat

light gray pant coat made of camel wool

For a creative winter outfit, wear a black knit sweater, camel long wool coat and light gray suede pants. Wear yellow sneakers to spice up the gray winter.

Here are some of the best suede pants outfit ideas I just shared with you. I hope you like it and you should also check out our thousands of other outfit ideas on the site before you go.

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