How to wear sleeveless sweater

Like the vest and cardigan, the sleeveless sweater can be worn over whatever you wear and you will have a very good looking outfit most of the time. Perhaps the vest is a more popular option in this category, but I see the sleeveless sweater growing in popularity over the years. It’s not difficult to style at all. To make it even easier for you, I have compiled a list of sleeveless sweater outfit ideas for you. Let’s take a look.

Gray turtleneck with long sleeves over a white shirt


It’s no surprise that a typical and good-looking way to wear a sleeveless sweater is to layer it over a shirt. For example, wear a gray sleeveless turtleneck over a white button down shirt. You can roll up the sleeves of your shirt to create an extra layer for extra depth. For the bottom, wear black leather leggings and black heels for a stylish touch.

Black sleeveless sweater with white shirt and skinny jeans

black sleeveless sweater white shirt skinny jeans

Unlike the previous outfit with a long sweater, this is a short black sleeveless sweater, under which the edge and collar of the white shirt protrude for a sleek and elegant look. Complete your outfit in style with washed skinny jeans and pink heels.

White sleeveless sweater with a white shirt and black bell-bottoms

white sleeveless sweater white shirt black flared pants

Here’s a low-key twist on the previous outfit. It’s a white-on-white outfit consisting of a white button-down shirt, white sleeveless sweater, black bell-bottom pants, and white heels. It can be worn as a business casual outfit that is comfortable to wear.

Gray sleeveless turtleneck with jeans

gray long sleeveless turtleneck jeans

A totally stylish way to wear the sleeveless sweater is to wear it shirtless or button down shirt. For example, wear the gray sleeveless turtleneck sweater with sky blue jeans and gray suede boots for an amazing and minimal look. Wear a ponytail that goes with the minimal outfit.

White sleeveless sweater with black and white striped t-shirt

white sleeveless sweater black and white striped t-shirt

Here is another comfortable looking business casual outfit. For the top, wear a white sleeveless sweater over a black and white striped t-shirt. Wear them with cuffed jeans and brown leather boots for a stylish touch.

Ivory sleeveless turtleneck with white jeans

Ivory long turtleneck sleeveless sweater white jeans

One of the keys to making an all-white outfit look good is white pieces made from fabrics with different textures. As a good demonstration, this outfit consists of a white sleeveless knit sweater, ripped white skinny jeans, and a white felt hat. The variety of texture adds a lot of depth to the outfit. The brown ankle heels and brown wallet balance the white pieces to make the outfit look more unified.

White sleeveless sweater with gray suede boots

white sleeveless sweater, gray over-the-knee suede boots

For a super chic look you can wear a white high neck sleeveless sweater with dark blue skinny jeans and gray over the knee suede boots. Combine the outfit perfectly with a black handbag. One principle we can take from this outfit is that a chic look can often be a minimal look. The best looking outfit is often created with a few simple pieces that pull it together perfectly.

Gray sweater with jeans and high gray boots

gray sweater jeans thigh high gray boots

This is a slight variation on the previous outfit and it’s another one of those super chic and minimal outfits. Wear a gray sleeveless sweater for the top and pair it with skinny jeans and gray thigh high boots. The pink wallet is a magical touch that makes the outfit look even more adorable.

Sleeveless sweater with a cream cowl neck and cuffed jeans

Sleeveless pullover jeans with a cream cowl neckline

A sleeveless sweater not only looks good in the form of a turtleneck. The cowl neckline also looks very nice. For example, wear a sleeveless sweater with a cream cowl neck, cuffed jeans and white heeled sandals for a dressy and casual look.

White sweater with jeans and burgundy ballet flats

white sweater jeans burgundy ballet flats

Every once in a while I like to wear an outfit that has just a little cheetah element in it. Here’s another one of those outfits. Just wear a white sleeveless sweater with skinny jeans and burgundy ballet flats. Wear a cheetah clutch to add a bit of elegance and uniqueness to the outfit. By the way, if you want to see more outfit ideas for similar shoes, maybe read our blog post about styling ballet flats.

Gray sleeveless cowl neck jumper and plaid boyfriend shirt

Gray Cowl Neck Sleeveless Plaid Boyfriend Shirt

For a truly casual street outfit, you can wear a gray sleeveless sweater over a black and white plaid boyfriend shirt. White skinny jeans and gray suede open toe boots complete the look.

Sleeveless open chest sweater from Tiffany Blue & black leather leggings

Tiffany Blue Open Chest Sleeveless Sweater Black Leather Leggings

For a chic and understated sexy outfit, you can wear a tiffany blue long sleeveless sweater. This outfit has a subtle open chest design that makes the overall look more attractive. Just wear black leather leggings and white strappy sandals to cover your butt.

Cowl neck sleeveless sweater with ripped jeans

White cowl neck sleeveless sweater, ripped jeans

For a fresh and minimal look, wear a sleeveless white cowl neck sweater, ripped skinny jeans and light pink heels. Carry a classy light pink handbag to complete the outfit with a little more elegance.

Dark gray sleeveless sweater over black and white checked shirt

dark gray sleeveless sweater black and white checked shirt

For a more unisex look, you can wear a charcoal sleeveless sweater and a black and white plaid shirt for the top. Wear dark blue skinny jeans and black ankle boots for the butt. Carry a briefcase and you are in a business casual outfit.

White sweater with black felt hat

white sweater black felt hat outfit

For an artistic look, you can wear a white sleeveless sweater with black skinny jeans and black leather ankle boots. Above all, wear a black felt hat for that artistic touch.

I highly recommend you to try these sleeveless sweater outfit ideas. The outfits are absolutely easy to take off. And I think you already have a lot of the items mentioned in your closet. Happy styling.

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