How to wear scalloped shorts

It is very common for a skirt to be more dressy and ladylike, while shorts are more casual and stylish. However, you only need to add a few sophisticated details to a pair of shorts to give it a feminine touch. The scalloped shorts are a good example of such shorts. The scalloped shorts are indeed very easy to style. You can also wear them with everything, similar to the versatility of jean shorts. To make styling even easier and more accurate for you, I’ve rounded up some of the best scalloped shorts outfit ideas. Let’s take a look.

Black scalloped shorts with a long sleeve striped t-shirt


The best thing about the scalloped shorts is that you can easily build a casual and feminine outfit around them. As an example, you can wear a pair of black scalloped shorts with a black and white striped long sleeve t-shirt. You can even add an extra feminine touch by pairing these pieces with neon pink suede heels.

White button down shirt with half sleeves and black scalloped shorts

white button down shirt with half sleeves, black scalloped shorts

There’s no question that you can wear a pair of scalloped shorts to work. All you have to do is replace the black pencil skirt in your work outfit with black scalloped shorts. For example, wear black scalloped shorts, white button down shirt and leopard print loafers to look elegant and professional.

White half sleeve t-shirt and neon pink mini shorts

White half sleeve t-shirt, neon pink scalloped mini shorts

Here is a very interesting outfit trying to put together a scalloped top with scalloped shorts. The white scalloped half sleeve t-shirt is paired with the neon pink scalloped shorts. Pair them with pink heels and a pink leather handbag to look casual and ladylike.

Light blue boho style top with black scalloped shorts

light blue boho style shorts with black waves

Boho style is a very interesting and beautiful style. You can’t really explain it clearly in words, but you can say it as soon as you see it. For example, this light blue top that comes with those tiny cutout details is considered a boho style top. To create a nice outfit, simply combine it with black shorts and black sandals.

White patterned shirt with pink shorts

white patterned shirt pink shorts

To achieve a very girly look, you can wear neon pink. For example, you can pair a white button-down shirt with neon pink shorts to look super chic. Pair them with pink open toe loafers and a brown leather handbag to look even more elegant.

Chambray shirt with white shorts

White shell shorts with chambray shirt

For a casual and refreshing look, wearing a chambray boyfriend shirt is a great choice. To look breezy, tuck your shirt in and wear it with white shorts. A pair of white sandals and a small black clutch complete your outfit.

Black shorts with light yellow chiffon blouse

black shorts light yellow chiffon blouse

Pair black seashell shorts with a light yellow chiffon button down blouse for a dazzling look to wear to the office. Combine them with black ballet flats and a small and elegant gold wallet to make the outfit look more elegant.

Sky blue scalloped shorts with black waistcoat

sky blue scalloped shorts black vest

Here’s an understated, stylish look with a button-up waistcoat. In detail, wear a black vest with buttons for the top without wearing a shirt or shirt underneath. Wear light blue seashell shorts for the bottom part and a pair of brown strappy sandals to add a feminine touch to the overall look.

Wear it with a black and white striped vest top

black and white striped vest top

If you want to look feminine and refreshing in summer or spring, here’s an outfit that can do just that. Wear a black and white horizontal striped vest top for the top. Pair it with black scalloped shorts and black heels with open toes and ankle straps. Complete your outfit with a blush pink leather handbag for a magical feminine touch.

Sky blue cotton shirt with pink scalloped shorts

sky blue cotton shirt pink scalloped shorts

This is an absolutely beautiful and stylish layered outfit. It must be very difficult to come up with this outfit idea, but the outfit itself is not that difficult to pull off. To achieve this amazing look, you can wear a sky blue button down shirt with pink scalloped shorts. Pair them with black knee socks and dark green leather heels. You can even wear a dark green felt hat to add a nice touch to the outfit.

Navy blue and white polka dot shirt with pink shorts

dark teal white polka dot shirt pink shorts

It would be very interesting to see how the creatively designed one would look like when paired with another interesting item like the polka dot shirt. The image above has the answer and the result is just amazing. In detail, you can combine a dark teal polka dot button shirt with pink shorts and ankle boots to create a feminine and pretty outfit.

White sleeveless shirt with green silk and lace shorts

white sleeveless shirt green silk shorts and scalloped lace

For a slightly unisex and stylish outfit, you can wear a white sleeveless shirt with semi-gloss green silk and lace wavy shorts. Pair them with nude sandals for a refreshing and understated look.

Sky blue and white polka dot top with white shorts

sky blue and white polka dot crop top white shorts

This is such a pretty girls outfit that makes use of the sky blue and white colors, the colors of the sky and the clouds. For the top, wear a sky blue and white polka dot sleeveless crop top. Pair it with white shorts and white sandals to look minimal and attractive.

Cropped tank top with white tassel and gray high waisted shiffon shorts

white tassel cropped tank top, gray high waisted shiffon shorts

Now comes a unique combination. It consists of a white top with tassels and gray shorts with high-waisted chiffon. Not only do the colors and textures look great, the trick of wearing a crop top with high-waisted shorts can also make your legs look a lot longer. Pair the pieces with white sandals to look dreamy and refreshing.

Wear it with a black and white striped long-sleeved turtleneck t-shirt

black and white striped long sleeve t-shirt with mock neck

For a casual summer or spring outfit, you can wear a faux neck white and black striped long sleeve t-shirt and scalloped black shorts. Wear black open toe heels with a black handbag to look polished.

Here are the scalloped shorts outfit ideas to up your outfit games. There’s no question that denim shorts are great, but you’re missing out on a lot of fun by sticking to the same thing all the time. Try these outfits and have fun styling.

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