How to wear rain boots

How to wear rain boots

When it always rains or even snows in autumn and winter, you just feel like staying at home and not getting your feet wet. You can change your mind once you have a pair of good looking rain boots. In the past, rain boots were all about not getting your feet wet. No longer. They can look really good now, especially if you know what to wear with them. In this blog post I will show you different styles and colors of rain boots and what to wear to look beautiful. Now let’s dive into the outfit ideas.

Black rain boots with yellow jacket

black rain boots with yellow jacket

You can play around with the color contrast to create a sleek and beautiful look. Pair black rain boots with a bright yellow jacket. For the rest of the outfit, keep it minimal with skinny jeans and a navy blue horizontal striped tee. The reason I really like this outfit idea is that the bright yellow really makes up for the darkness and boredom that comes with the rain. This outfit can really make you stand out from the crowd.

Gray rain boots with skinny jeans

gray rain boots with skinny jeans

For a more demure winter look for the girl next door, simply pair charcoal rain boots with skinny jeans and a white sweater. A scarf and a gray coat are the perfect finishing touches this winter.

Gray boots with matching coat and t-shirt dress

black rain boots with gray coat

Here is a good example of how to wear a t-shirt dress in winter. Wear a gray t-shirt dress with black leggings and gray boots. A gray coat and a knit hat are a great complement to this outfit. I really like how simple but beautiful this outfit looks. It’s a nice way to wear business casual. By the way, you might also want to read more t-shirt outfit ideas from our other blog post.

Red rain boots with a gray trench coat

red rain boots with gray coat

Along with gray and black, red is also a very popular color choice for rain boots. For an elegant and feminine look you can wear a gray trench coat, a plaid scarf and skinny jeans with the red boots.

Yellow rain boots with anthracite trench coat

Charcoal Trench Boot Rain Boots Outfit

This is another way to combine a trench coat with rain boots. Let’s try yellow rain boots and a charcoal trench coat this time. Add a little twist by wearing a horizontal striped black and white t-shirt dress or sweater dress.

Black boots with horizontal striped long sleeve t-shirt

horizontal striped t-shirt black rain boots

This outfit is ideal for minimalists. They wear only a horizontally striped long sleeve t-shirt with black boots. You can choose between skinny jeans or leggings. It’s just a simple and casual street outfit idea that works.

Red boots with military jacket and white sweater

red rain boots military jacket

This outfit idea is another one that includes the popular red rain boots. Try wearing the red boots with skinny jeans, a white sweater and a military jacket. The pink bag is the icing on the cake. These colors just go together perfectly.

Gray boots with matching long sleeve t-shirt

gray rain boots to match the tops

Rain boots also go well with shorts. A nice way to style is by pairing gray boots with a matching long sleeve t-shirt. Khaki shorts look way better than denim shorts with this combo. This is a perfect outfit for fishing and hanging out at the lake on rainy days.

Black rain boots with denim shirt and black skirt

wear black rain boots to work

Can rain boots match a semi-formal work outfit? Yes. They don’t look as appropriate as your heels, but you still look pretty good. Wear a denim shirt and a black skirt with black rain boots for a casual and casual look.

Gray boots with sweater dress and leggings

gray rain boots with sweater dress

The sweater dress is a must for winter. It can make you look gorgeous and feminine. To wear it with gray boots, pair them with a white coat and black leggings. A bit of a twist to add are the knee socks.

lace-up boots

lace-up ankle boots

If you want to wear something similar to your typical shoes and boots, you can try the lace-up ankle boots. Although I don’t really like the idea of ​​getting the laces wet in the rain and I think it’s better to have the rain boots bigger to avoid getting your feet wet, the boots certainly look great.

Black quilted rain boots with leather jacket

Quilted rain boots all black

Here is another outfit idea to wear rain boots like a pair of typical boots you would normally wear. Go for a pair of black quilted rain boots and pair them with a black leather jacket, black sweater and black skinny jeans. The dark all black outfit looks cool and people won’t even notice you’re wearing rain boots.

Rain boots with heels

Rain boots with heels

I just want to mention here that it is pretty easy to get rain boots with heels these days. Again, I don’t really like the idea of ​​wearing heels in the rain, but there are certainly some people who just like to boost their confidence by wearing heels to work. Here’s the fix for those of you on rainy days.

Checked rain boots with a white sweater

checked rain boots with jeans

I mentioned some solid color rain boot outfit ideas. Now let’s talk about patterns. It is best to wear checked rain boots with jeans and a white sweater. This combination makes you look casual and beautiful. It’s a perfect outfit for casual hanging out.

Purple Rain Boots with Gray Sweater & Boyfriend Shirt

purple rain boots with sweater

Another beautiful color for rain boots is the color purple. You can wear the purple boots with jeans, a plaid boyfriend shirt and a gray sweater. The purple rain boots just look great with this outfit.

I hope you enjoy the outfit ideas I just shared. Now you know you can look beautiful on rainy days.

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