How to wear printed pants

Printed pants just aren’t what we wear every day. But believe it or not, if you try to wear them more often, it can be every two weeks or so. I’m pretty sure you will find some ways to look unique and gorgeous. For this blog post, I’m trying to collect some of the best ways to wear the printed pants to help you find some nice outfit ideas that suit you but that you’ve never tried before. Let’s look at these ideas now.

Denim shirt with printed trousers

Denim shirt printed pants yellow pocket

For a casual and elegant look, you can wear a denim shirt with a black and white printed dress. Wear nude heeled sandals and a yellow handbag to complete this gorgeous outfit that’s surprisingly easy to take off.

Wear with Silk Black Shirt

Silk black shirt with floral print

It’s not often that I talk about silk shirts, mostly because they’re not that easy to pair with other pieces. Now this outfit is a rare example of good silk shirt outfits. Simply wear a black silk button down shirt and black floral trousers. You can choose to wear black heels for a darker tone or floral heels for a more balanced look. A long, stylish necklace can really help tie all those pieces together.

Blue printed pants with white blouse

blue printed pants white blouse pink heels

Instead of the more popular black and white printed pants, let’s talk about a color that stands out a lot: the royal blue. Light blue printed pants like these look stunning paired with a simple white blouse and pink heels. Do you notice the details that enhance the outfit? Yes, it’s the blue crystal chain that matches the printed pants and brings the whole outfit into better balance.

Floral print trousers and white semi-transparent shirt

Chiffon Semi Sheer White Shirt Pants with floral print

Chiffon is a fabric you probably don’t wear very often, except to cocktail parties. Try incorporating it into your daily outfit. It’s surprisingly easy and the result is often adorable. Take this outfit as an example. The white semi-sheer chiffon shirt looks amazing paired with the colorful floral print white trousers.

Black and white trousers with a leather jacket

black and white pants black leather jacket

Choose black and white print pants and you can look stylish if you know how to style them. You can wear the pants with a white vest top, a black leather jacket and sandals.

Wear it with a yellow knotted shirt

yellow knotted shirt printed pants

I have to admit that printed pants are not a mainstream made up of items like jeans and leggings. But they look unique in a good way. And a cool way to wear a unique item to combine with another unique item. For example, this outfit consists of a yellow knotted shirt with black and white printed pants. Together, the outfit looks surprisingly comfortable.

Blue slim fit long sleeve t-shirt with printed trousers

blue pants printed with slim fit sweater

To style the printed pants very neatly and easily, just pair them with a long-sleeved slim-fitting t-shirt. And if you want to add more character to this outfit, try a complex color like the Tiffany blue.

Wear it with a gray bat sleeve sweater

black floral printed trouser sweater with batwing sleeves

This outfit is a perfect example of how to dress up the printed trousers. Simply wear a gray batwing sleeve sweater with black floral print pants. A pair of nice silver heels and a white handbag make this outfit so elegant and beautiful.

Plaid print trousers with deep V vest top

Check the Print Pants Deep V Vest Top Outfit

Complete an artistic and sexy black and white outfit with these plaid pants. Wear the pants with a black V-waist plunging top and white heeled sandals. It’s a simple yet attractive outfit for those of you who don’t mind showing some skin.

Wear it with a white crop top

White Crop Top Print Pants Sandals

This is another sexy outfit but more demure. Wear a white crop top with high waisted black and white cropped pants. Wearing it with black sandals goes well with this chic look.

Wear it with a gray knit sweater

Pale pink floral print knit sweater pants

For those of you with a nice waist, wear a slim gray knit sweater with floral print slim-fit pants and black heeled sandals.

Floral trousers with light green or yellow knit sweater

Floral pants green yellow knit sweater

The floral pattern plays an important role in printed pants. If you want to dress more cheerfully, you can choose floral trousers with some yellow elements and combine them with a yellow or light green knit sweater.

Dark blue trousers with a t-shirt and a long necklace

Navy Pants T-Shirt Long Necklace

For those of you who aren’t that tall or don’t have long legs, high-waisted pants can help you look taller. Combine the navy trousers with a tonal t-shirt and an elegant long necklace. In addition to high-waisted pants, heels can further visually lengthen the length of your legs. Then you want to draw people’s attention to the upper part of your body by wearing a long necklace.

Wear it with a blue shirt and a white blazer

Blue floral print shirt pants, white blazer

Although it’s a bit rare to see printed pants as part of a formal business outfit. It can actually be done. Just wear a blue button down shirt with the black and white printed pants. Pair them with a white blazer, sturdy brown heels and a toned brown belt to complete your chic outfit.

Here is the list of my favorite printed pants outfit ideas. I suspect not too many of you are used to wearing printed trousers and I hope this blog post can convince you that they are actually fun to play with. Incorporating them into a piece of your regular attire will add an extra dimension to your look. Hope you find this content useful to inspire you to further develop your fashion sense and knowledge. Please also read our other blog posts for many more outfit ideas.

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