How To Wear Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is one of the items of clothing that every woman should own. It’s elegant and ladylike, which makes it perfect for a wide variety of settings. If you think the only place you can wear it is your office, I’m going to prove you are wrong today. Depending on what you’re wearing it with, a pencil skirt can be worn for more casual or formal events in the colder months, as well as spring and summer. Still doesn’t sound convincing to you? Here are your five ways to wear a pencil skirt:

  1. Classic button-down of all time. This is an elegant combination for all important business meetings and the daily office. To make a look more interesting and eye-catching, try a pencil skirt with interesting details / shapes / colors.
  2. Silk blouse. If you’re into a less formal and more glamorous style, go for a nice silk blouse, either neutral or contrasting, and tuck it in.
  3. Bold prints and colors. Don’t be afraid to wear more complex colors than neutrals and rock interesting and trendy prints. The main rule is not to overdo it: know which colors go well together, wear either a printed skirt or a top (not all together).
  4. Coordinates. At some events you can have a small belly show you. Coordinate sets of a crop top and a pencil skirt are among the most flattering and sexiest combinations. Just choose prints and silhouettes that make you feel best.
  5. Casual t-shirt. If you want to look relaxed and relaxed, yet chic, a simple t-shirt is your best bet. Such an outfit is ideal for an evening or a date.

See some picture inspiration below! Enjoy!

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