How To Wear Pants With Suspenders

Today I want to continue an interesting topic about suspenders and the ways you can wear them. In my opinion, this accessory gives a special charm and a retro touch. So if you want to make your outfit more chic and fabulous, put on suspenders with your pants or jeans. To create a more official outfit, you can use black, straight or slim pants and black suspenders, but of course you can also experiment with colored suspenders, e.g. B. red, blue or brown. If you want to create a casual look, watch out for loose tweed pants and suede suspenders. Now you should scroll down to see all of the ideas we’ve gathered for you. Get inspired!

Outfits with flat and low boots

Do you want to create a cozy outfit? Then take a black oversized sweater and pair it with boyfriend jeans with cuffs, black suspenders, dark gray socks and suede lace-up boots. Or you can combine a white button-down shirt with loose tweed pants, black suspenders, sneakers and a black jacket. If you’re passionate about denim clothing, bring along high-waisted skinny jeans, black and white sneakers, a white sweatshirt, and a black jacket or coat. For more eye-catching outfits, add a few accents, e.g. B. combine a white turtleneck, black high-waisted pants, black suspenders, a scarf with a leopard neck, dark blue socks and red flats.

Outfits with high-heeled boots

Don’t be afraid to mix prints and bright colors! For example, you can pair a shirt with horizontal stripes with wide-leg pants with vertical stripes, red pumps, black suspenders, and a navy and red mini bag. For an elegant look, consider wearing a white blouse, black tie, skinny pants, suspenders, black pumps, long blazer, and a black wide-brimmed hat. For a comfy and cozy look, pair a navy shirt with orange cuffed pants, brown suspenders and brown suede boots.

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