How to wear oxford shoes

The oxford shoes are the classic type of shoes that are low-cut, made of leather and have the iconic lace-up design. It’s the kind of iconic object that you don’t have a clear definition for, but you know exactly what it’s called when you see it. Nowadays they are worn almost like a toned down version of ankle boots. They add some toughness to your outfit but don’t look as wintry as the ankle boots. Now let me share with you some of my favorite oxford shoe ideas.

Gray button-up shirt with silver oxford shoes

silver oxford shoes gray buttoned shirt


I’ll start the list with a rarer color. Don’t worry, I’ll be going back to the classic brown or black oxford shoes very soon. For this outfit simply wear a gray button down shirt and cuffed jeans and shiny silver oxford shoes. Without the silver oxford shoes, this outfit would have looked super boring.

Wear it with a black sweater and ripped jeans

black sweater ripped denim oxford shoes


For another comfy looking business casual outfit, just wear a black sweater with ripped jeans. Pair them with beige oxford shoes.

Wear it with a white shirt and a black blazer

black blazer oxford shoes outfit


In other blog posts I have mentioned how versatile ankle boots are, that teaming them up with your formal outfits almost always works. You can speak the same of the oxford shoes. For example, this outfit is just a typical formal work outfit with the white shirt, black blazer and black dress pants. In terms of vibe, you can look taller and heavier with the ankle boots and more down-to-earth with the oxford boots. It’s also a good idea for those who like the rough, dark feel of leather shoes, but their partners are smaller than them.

Black long wool coat and brown oxford shoes

brown leather oxford shoes wool coat


For a non-chunky winter look, you can wear brown oxford shoes with a gray sweater and long black wool boots.

Off the shoulder sweater dress

off the shoulder sweater dress black oxford shoes


So far I have shared with you some oxford shoes outfit ideas. It’s probably a good time to examine a small detail or trick that makes these outfits look so great. I’ll give you a hint. It’s about the socks. Do you see it? The trick is that oxford shoes are usually worn with no-show socks. Do not get me wrong. They also look good with socks. But usually they look best in no-show socks because such socks make the legs look longer. Going back to that idea, the outfit simply consists of the sweater dress and the oxford shoes. You can see that no socks are shown and more parts of the legs are shown making them look longer.

Brown oxford shoes with black denim shorts

Oxford shoes black jean shorts white shirt


Wear a white button down shirt, a black blazer and black denim shorts for an artistic and creative casual look. Wear dark brown oxford shoes with ankle socks.

Wear it with a white knit sweater

white knit sweater jeans oxford shoes


If you are looking for an outfit that is so easy to take off and still looks decent, then this outfit is for you. First of all, you need a white comfortable knitted sweater. You can simply wear a long-sleeved white t-shirt inside your sweater. Wear ripped jean shorts with brown oxford shoes. This can be a good outfit for casual gatherings. By the way, if you like cable knit sweaters, you might like my other blog post about wearing cable knit sweaters.

Wear it with a white sweater with black stripes

white sweater black stripes brown oxford shoes


Oxford shoes are two-tone and very popular. For example, you can wear the blue and brown oxford shoes with a collared shirt, slim white sweater with black stripes and black skinny jeans.

Wear yours with black skinny jeans and a denim jacket

black skinny jeans denim jacket oxford shoes


Wear a white t-shirt with black skinny jeans for a chic street outfit, especially this fall. Combine them with oxford shoes and above all a stylish denim jacket.

White collared shirt and black sleeveless knit sweater dress

white shirt black sleeveless knit sweater dress oxford shoes


This is a gorgeous and student outfit that will help you stand out from the crowd. Wear a white collared shirt and black sleeveless knit sweater dress over it. Black stockings and black oxford shoes are a nice complement to this outfit.

Gray t-shirt, black bomber jacket and shorts

Oxford shoes black bomber jacket shorts


As mentioned earlier, wearing the oxford shoes with no show socks will make your legs look longer. Wearing them with shorts will make your legs look 10x longer. (Okay, may be 5 percent longer). Simply wear a gray t-shirt with a black bomber jacket and shorts.

Oxford Shoes with Shirt & Cardigan

Oxford shoes shirt cardigan


This outfit is a great demonstration of using layers to add character to your look. Wear a button down shirt with the long gray cardigan. Then wear black jeans with cuffs and silver oxford shoes. This outfit with the creative use of color and layering results in a stylish work outfit that is perfect for designers and artists.

Wear it with blue sweater & skinny jeans

blue sweater skinny jeans oxford shoes


Wear a blue sweater over a button down shirt for an introverted yet classy and beautiful look. Skinny jeans and brown oxford shoes are a nice complement to this look.

Black and White Jumper & Shirt White Pleated Skirt

black sweater white pleated shirt oxford shoes


Wear a white sweater with random black patterns and a white skirt for creative dressing. Add a layer by wearing black leggings. Wear the classy white oxford shoes in a way that perfectly matches all parts.

Wear it with a cream knit sweater and a gray cotton skirt

cream knit sweater gray cotton skirt oxford shoes


To dress like a minimalist, simply wear a cream knit sweater and gray cotton skirt with black oxford shoes.

There are my favorite oxford shoe ideas. I hope you find the list I’ve compiled helpful. You don’t have to try exactly what I told you. I just want to inspire you to find your own beautiful outfits.

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