How to wear canvas shoes

How to wear canvas shoes

What are canvas shoes that some of you might think of? They’re just shoes made out of canvas, the sturdy fabric you find in most Converse shoes. Canvas shoes usually consist of a canvas upper and a rubber bottom. But this isn’t a blog post about Converse, although I would say that you can rarely go wrong. This is a blog post on how to style with each brand of canvas sneakers. I have rounded up some of the best ways to wear the sneakers and now let’s try them.

White canvas shoes with white t-shirt and black joggers

white canvas shoes t-shirt black joggers

For a classic sporty and casual look, you can simply wear a white printed t-shirt with black joggers and white canvas sneakers. You can add extra character by wearing some bracelets and a stylish necklace.

Silver canvas slip on shoes with denim shirt and jeans

Sliver slip on canvas shoes denim shirt jeans

For a chic denim-on-denim outfit, pair the denim shirt and cuffed jeans with statement silver canvas shoes. For similar outfit ideas, check out our blog post on wearing denim on top of denim.

Horizontal striped black and white t-shirt dress

horizontally striped t-shirt dress white canvas shoes

Here’s another great example to demonstrate how a pair of pure white canvas sneakers will almost always go well with the pieces you use to match. Maybe not for formal outfits, but that’s definitely the case for casual outfits. I will go so far as to say that you should have a pair of white canvas sneakers with you. Coming back to this outfit idea, just wear a horizontal striped black and white t-shirt dress to pair with the sneakers. To look even better, carry a tonal wallet and leather bracelets.

T-shirt dress with black and white print

white t-shirt dress with black and white print

For a casual and young spring look, you can wear a white printed t-shirt dress with white converse. One thing I really like about White Converse is the line of rubber they added to visually separate the top and bottom of the sneakers. By the way, I don’t like talking about a specific brand. But Converse has really stuck to the same classic look for decades, and it’s almost become a shoe of sorts rather than just a brand.

Gray knit sweater, black skirt with high converse

gray knit sweater black shirt high canvas shoes

As a fall outfit, you can simply wear a gray comfortable knit sweater with a black skirt. The black and white high top converse and slim wallet add a lot of character to this look.

Horizontally striped t-shirt, denim jacket and leggings

Striped T-Shirt Denim Jacket Black Nike Canvas Shoes

This outfit is a great example of how athletic wear really transitions with causal wear these days. If done right, you can look intelligent and energetic. Simply wear a navy and white striped t-shirt with a denim jacket and sports leggings. Wear a pair of black and white canvas sneakers to complete the look.

White shirt, denim shorts with red canvas shoes

white shirt jean shorts red sneakers

For a nice summer outfit that’s easy to take off, simply wear a slim-fitting white button-down shirt and denim shorts. Note that this is a long sleeve shirt instead of a short sleeve shirt to show off the legs even more. And it’s the eye-catching red canvas shoes that take the outfit to another level.

Denim jacket, sports leggings and gray canvas shoes

Denim shirt sports tights gray Nike sneakers

This is another outfit idea that is sporty and chic at the same time. Wear a long t-shirt and a denim jacket over it. It’s surprising how the sporty bottom of sports leggings and gray canvas sneakers goes well with the elegant looking top.

Oversized denim jacket, black joggers and high top sneakers

Oversized denim jacket jogging high top vans

This outfit is a good trick to look taller with some layering tricks. First, you want to wear a white t-shirt with high-waisted black joggers. But don’t just wear this, you’ll look so weird. You need to balance them by wearing an oversized denim jacket. Black and white canvas high-top sneakers are a nice addition to this outfit. They should show about an inch of your skin just above your sneakers to look good and add length to your legs. So make sure the joggers are the right length.

Black shirt, blazer, jeans and military canvas shoes

black shirt blazer military canvas oxford sneakers

This is a casual street outfit for casual fall hangouts. Simply wear a black shirt with a black blazer. Pair it with skinny jeans and a tough pair of military canvas shoes.

White skinny jeans, cream blazer and floral slip-on sneakers

white cream skinny blazer with floral sneakers

This outfit is easily my favorite on this list. It’s such a beautiful and chic outfit with the perfect color and texture combination. For the top, simply wear a white vest top and a cream blazer over it. Wear white skinny jeans with cuffs and fluffy canvas slip-on sneakers to cover your butt. Don’t forget the silver watch that goes perfectly with all the pieces. I know many of you may be calling just as a watch. But I just want to tell you that the watch is still a big part of fashion.

Fleece coat with black skinny jeans and high sneakers

long fleece coat black skinny jeans High Top Converse

As a nice and warm winter outfit you can wear a gray hoodie and a long fleece coat with black skinny jeans. For the shoes, wear black and white high-top sneakers that go perfectly with the outfit.

Blue canvas shoes with denim jacket and jeans

blue slip-on canvas shoes denim jacket jeans

This outfit is a creative and comfortable looking blue outfit. It uses the light blue t-shirt, denim jacket, and jeans. Even the slip-on canvas shoes are blue.

So there are some of my favorite ways to style canvas shoes that I’ve shared with you. I hope you enjoy the outfit ideas and find at least a few that you want to try.

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