How to wear blue and yellow together

What better mood booster than a perfect outfit combo? It gets even better if your clothes are in the light colors. So we’re going to see how you can style and wear the yellow and blue outfit combos without looking silly.

I’ve found many it girls wearing this pretty combo. I have to admit I had no idea that these two colors could even be combined. It struck me though: when put together, a yellow and blue outfit looks so crazy!
We’ll see how you can combine the yellow and blue coats, trousers and/or shirts. I will also show you how best to wear the bags, shoes and other accessories.
Let us begin!

Yellow and blue trousers

Silk blue camisole is perfect for summer

yellow and blue outfit camisole
If you were wondering how to mix and match this blue teal camisole and still look chic and beautiful, I have the solution. Pair it with yellow high-waist pants!
This outfit is so beautiful and comfortable that you will want to wear it all summer long.

Yellow velvet pants are IN!

yellow blue outfit yellow velvet
All of the staples you can see in the photo above are big trends for the fall/winter ’17 season. A blue long sleeve shirt paired with yellow velvet high waist pants is something that must have in your closet if you consider yourself a fashionista.

Yellow pants are everywhere!

yellow and blue outfit trousers
All fashion industry girls have gone crazy for yellow pants. Plus, they love pairing it with the blue button-downs. Giovanna Battaglia is a Vogue editor and loves the combination of yellow and blue. She tries to incorporate these colors into many outfits.

Golden yellow shorts

yellow and blue outfit shorts
This outfit is ideal for summer days. You can wear it with a striped button tucked into your shorts. The combination of golden yellow and blue outfit is always a good idea!

Yellow and blue coats and jackets

Statement coat for comic lovers

yellow blue outfit comic coat
This outfit idea is for those who are looking for a great staple that makes every combination so unique and eccentric. An excellent work of art, this coat is made from yellow and blue materials. Wear this coat with yellow shoes and a bag for an extra yellowish look.

Urban blue coat

yellow and blue outfit coat
If you are looking for the blue coat that is both modern and eccentric, this is my recommendation. Combine it with the yellow dress but wear blue pants underneath for a super fresh look! How can you not love layers?

Blue coat and sporty hoodie

yellow blue outfit blue coat
Mixing such styles is always a challenge for fashion technicians. This is especially interesting when you combine the sporty and elegant outfit combinations. The blue coat is long and looks very elegant while the hoodie is sporty and casual. If you want this outfit to look super cool, you can wear it with white sneakers.

Two-tone coat

yellow-blue outfit two-tone coat
This elegant and chic outfit is easy to combine with the two tone coat, white button down shirt and ripped jeans. Finish it off with the black stilettos.

Fur blue and Vans shoes

yellow and blue outfit transporter
This cool outfit inspiration was spotted on the streets. The faux fur coat is combined with the yellow patent leather pants. “What a strange combination!” You could add. And I agree with you. However, we cannot avoid that this look is very cool and chic. Enough for you to try!

Blue sporty bomber jacket

yellow and blue outfit bomber jacket
If you want to look like a college girl, create this outfit combo from scratch. The bomber jacket, the striped button-down and the yellow pants give great inspiration to the outfit. Finish it off with the metallic oxford shoes.

Long blue satin robe

yellow and blue outfit robe
The robe made a trendy statement this fashion season. You can even have one from Zara. This combination of yellow and blue is not as bright but less complicated than the other outfit combinations. The yellow shoes make a statement.

Accessories in yellow and blue colors

statement yellow shoes

yellow-blue outfit sandals
What could be cuter for this summer than these beauties? You can pair yellow sandals with the blue skirt for a super flowy and chic outfit combo.

statement bag

yellow and blue outfit bag
Wearing the yellow bag with the striped blue button-down shirt makes you look very sophisticated and elegant. This outfit combo can be your new work wear.

Yellow pocket blue shirt

yellow-blue outfit bag Gucci
This Gucci bag appeared a lot on the street style clothes and all the girls wanted it. It looks amazing and goes perfectly with any other color. However, it is best to combine it with the blue shirt.

Two shades of blue

yellow blue outfit bag yellow
Complete this fantastic outfit with the bright yellow bag. It is perfect street style clothing. You can wear this outfit for work or a casual dinner.

What about blue bag?

yellow blue outfit blue bag
All of these ideas revolved around carrying a yellow bag. Don’t even think I didn’t find the blue one. Italian girls love it! This bag with exciting embroidery is very modern and eccentric. Wear it with your yellow dress and your cool sunglasses.

Yellow and blue dresses

Flowing blue dress and fluffy accessory

yellow blue outfit blue dress
This dress is made from beautiful silk and is very flattering on your body. Add a yellow furry and fluffy bag to complete your yellow and blue outfit combo. Victoria Beckham just nailed this outfit.

Yellow shift dress

yellow blue outfit yellow sheath dress
The yellow sheath dress in combination with a blue denim coat and a colorful bag is the perfect outfit for everyday walks. If you are a fan of denim, choose this long coat jacket for a great look.

I hope you enjoy these yellow and blue outfit ideas I’ve dug up for you. If you initially thought this wasn’t a good idea, hopefully you’ve changed your mind after going through these awesome combinations.

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