How to wear an off the shoulder knit sweater

Among all types of off shoulder tops, my favorite has to be the knitted off shoulder sweater. I think there must be some magical chemistry between the skin and the rope that makes the shoulders and collarbones look extra sexy. Another thing must be that strapless sweaters are often worn in autumn and winter when not many people show a lot of skin, which makes the sexy look particularly rare and attractive. Now let me share some of my favorite outfit ideas and hopefully you will try some of them.

Gray knitted off shoulder sweater with white skort

gray off shoulder knit sweater white skort outfit

I’ll start with an outfit idea that you don’t see often, but it looks very nice and attractive. It is indeed good for spring and autumn. Pair a gray cable sweater with a white skort. I’m sure this outfit can make you stand out from the crowd especially if you have nice long legs.

Gray sweater with white skinny jeans

gray off shoulder knit sweater white skinny jeans

For a more demure outfit, simply wear white skinny jeans instead of wearing a white skort. Complete this casual look with ankle boots.

Cream sweater with mini skirt

cream knit sweater mini skirt

For a pure and innocent look, you can wear a cream colored knit sweater with a matching skirt. I would say this is a gorgeous outfit to wear to work unless your workplace dress code doesn’t allow you to dress sexy. If you want to wear a jacket, you can combine the outfit with a black leather jacket.

Gray off the shoulder knit sweater dress

Gray Strapless Knit Sweater Dress

The off the shoulder knitted sweater dress is so beautiful that it makes you look amazing and fragile in a good way. Combine the gray sweater dress with ankle boots or knee-high boots. This is a beautiful minimal outfit that will make you look like the girl next door that everyone wants to have a chance to talk to.

Gray knit sweater dress with knee high boots

gray knit sweater dress knee high boots

Instead of the comfy sweater dress featured in the previous outfit idea, here’s one with a slim gray sweater dress. Although both sweater dresses are similar in color and texture, the different cuts make them look very different. Instead of looking pretty and approachable in a comfy dress, this slim-fit sweater dress looks more feminine and mature. Pair the dress with knee high fleece boots to complete this outfit.

Off the shoulder sweater over a tube top

white strapless sweater over tube top

This is a great example of the off the shoulder sweater overlay. Just wear a white sweater and a tube top. Show off one shoulder for the asymmetric, stylish look. Combine the outfit perfectly with jeans. This outfit also looks great when you want to show less skin by replacing the tube top with a black vest top.

Blue batwing sleeves off shoulder sweater with black skirt

blue strapless knit sweater with batwing sleeves

White and gray are the most popular colors for knit sweaters, but that doesn’t mean the others aren’t as good. Choosing a less common but good-looking color often draws a lot of eyeballs, and this sweater is a good example of attractive color. This gorgeous outfit features a tiffany blue batwing sleeve sweater and black button down mini skirt. This is easily my favorite outfit idea on the list.

Green off shoulder sweater with ripped jeans

green off the shoulder knit jeans

Here’s another outfit idea that uses a stunning contrasting color combination. Wear the off shoulder green sweater in army green with light blue cuffed jeans. Open toe heels or sandals are good choices for this outfit. Try this cheerful looking outfit when spring comes.

White shoulder sweater over black leggings

white strapless sweater over black leggings

The white color and texture of the knit pattern somehow work perfectly to create that angelic feel. You can keep this outfit simple by pairing the white knit sweater with black leggings or skinny jeans.

Green sweater with shorts and knee-high lace-up boots

Lace up knee-high boots tucked into an off-the-shoulder green knit sweater

This outfit idea is a great demonstration of how to wear the knee high boots. You want to wear a comfy green sweater with black shorts. Choose a pair of knee high lace-up boots and show some skin in your thighs to make your legs look longer. This is a stylish and sexy outfit that is perfect for spring and fall.

Red off the shoulder knit sweater


Knitting is a material that gives a pleasant feeling. Knitted sweaters are therefore not often seen in sharp colors. However, if you are looking for a contradictory and playful feel to your outfit, you can style a red knit sweater to make it look good. Just wear the red sweater with light blue embroidered jeans for a unique look.

Lemon yellow sweater with black lace skirt

Lemon yellow off the shoulder knit sweater lace skirt

Here’s another outfit idea that includes a bright color. The lemon yellow shoulder sweater looks really great with a black lace skirt. Yellow is the happy color to wear when you need a little more happiness and positivity.

Black slim fit off the shoulder sweater with floral skirt

black slim fit floral skirt with strapless sweater

Knowing that there are many fans of the black color, I won’t end the list without mentioning the black knit sweater. Wear a slim fitting black sweater with a floral pencil skirt and open toe heels.

Gray sweater with white lace dress

gray off shoulder knit sweater white lace dress

For a feminine look, you can wear the gray strapless sweater with a white lace knee length dress.

White sweater with a silk skirt

white off the shoulder sweater silk skirt

A unique way to style the white sweater is to pair it with a rose gold silk midi skirt. Pair it with solid white or light pink heels to complete this classy outfit.

I just shared with you my favorite ways to wear a knitted strapless sweater. If you like the off-the-shoulder fashion, you can also read our other blog post about the off-the-shoulder dress.

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