How to wear a velvet blazer

Wearing a blazer often makes you look smarter and more professional. Another side benefit is that it can make you look slimmer. So if you can dress casually at your place of work, it’s almost always a good idea to wear a blazer to work, no matter what you wear with it. Still, repeating the same thing five times a week can get a bit boring. Just like at work, if you find yourself repeating the same thing too many times and feeling bored, give a little twist here and there to make things more fun. In the case of the blazer, you can do this by alternating colors or trying different fabrics. In this blog post, I will explore the latter idea. To be more specific, I will talk about how to wear the velvet blazer. Let’s take a look at some of the best outfit ideas I’ve just rounded up for you.

Blue velvet blazer & pants

blue velvet blazer suit outfit

One of the easiest ways to style a velvet blazer is to purchase a velvet suit so you don’t have to think about what to wear for your butt. For example, wear a blue velvet suit with a white button down shirt and black oxford shoes.

Burgundy Velvet Blazer with Black Sweater & Jeans


For a mature and feminine look, consider this beautiful outfit. For the top, wear a black sweater with a burgundy velvet blazer. Pair them with black skinny jeans and pointed leather boots. A black knitted scarf will help glue all the pieces together perfectly.

Black velvet blazer with an all black outfit

black velvet blazer all black outfit

An interesting feature of wearing a black velvet blazer is that it adds dimension to an all-black outfit instead of just turning the outfit into a muddy black garment. For example, wear the black velvet blazer with a black sweater, black skinny jeans and leather boots. To add a bit of color you can wear a light gray linen scarf without ruining the overall black and deep theme.

Black blazer with white turtleneck and jeans

black velvet blazer white turtleneck sweater

A black velvet blazer and a white turtleneck are a great pairing to have in your casual arsenal. Add a pair of ripped skinny jeans and black ballerina shoes to the equation.

Wear yours with a white tee and black skinny jeans

black velvet blazer white t-shirt outfit

If you’re a fan of blazers, you should already know that when you wear a blazer with a street outfit of a t-shirt and jeans, you can often have a sleek Silicon Valley look without even trying. Of course, beneath the surface, everyone is trying so hard to achieve something. Anyway, this outfit consists of a white t-shirt, black skinny jeans and white sneakers. Up to this point, the outfit looks okay, but nothing interesting. Wearing a black velvet blazer can instantly take it to a whole new level.

Two-piece set consisting of a red velvet blazer and skirt

red velvet blazer skirt outfit

Here’s another outfit idea that includes a velvet two-piece set, but this time with a skirt instead of the pants. You can simply wear the red blazer and skirt with a black blouse. As for the shoes, I would recommend not wearing either the red or black shoes. That would have looked too neat and uncomfortably balanced. I would recommend a pair of bare heels instead.

Burgundy blazer with gray printed t-shirt and skinny jeans

Burgundy velvet blazer with gray print

As shown in a previous idea, wearing a blazer with a casual street outfit almost always works. In this case, the burgundy blazer looks pretty awesome paired with a funky gray printed t-shirt, skinny jeans and white sneakers.

Long lilac velvet blazer with denim boyfriend shirt

long purple velvet blazer denim boyfriend shirt

In the previous ideas, most of the blazers I covered were the typical cropped and slim fit shorts that allow you to look elegant and slim. However, if you are already skinny, you can try this outfit idea. I’m not saying that the other outfits don’t suit you. I’m just saying that this particular idea won’t help you look slimmer. Returning to this outfit, simply wear a denim shirt with an oversized purple velvet blazer for the top. Pair these pieces with black leather leggings and white sneakers.

Wear yours with a black tank top and ripped jeans

burgundy velvet blazer black tank top

Here is a very casual way to style a burgundy velvet blazer. Wear yours with a black tank top and ripped cuffed jeans. Wear open ankle boots for shoes. If you are interested in similar shoes, you should read our blog post about open toe boots.

Wear a black blazer with a white shirt and gray chinos

black velvet blazer white shirt gray chinos

Wearing a velvet blazer as a business outfit is not that difficult. For example, you can wear a black velvet blazer with a white shirt, gray chinos, and black heels. Alternatively, you can wear a gray pencil skirt instead of the chinos.

Black velvet blazer with felt hat

black velvet blazer felt hat outfit

This outfit idea is an artistic and refreshing way to style a black velvet blazer. Wear it with a denim shirt for the top. Wear cuffed jeans with cuffs and black loafers with studs for the buttocks. Add that final artistic touch by wearing a black felt hat. By the way, we also have a blog post about black felt hat outfit ideas that you might want to try.

Wear it with a gray printed t-shirt and cuffed jeans

black blazer jeans with gray print and T-cuffs

This is an outfit idea to show you that a black velvet outfit goes well with a gray printed t-shirt, jeans and a low converse.

Wear yours with a white printed tee and skinny jeans

black velvet blazer white printed t-shirt skinny jeans

Similar to the previous idea, although the outfit will look much more elegant if the opposite is replaced with short leather boots.

Shocking pink velvet blazer with leather leggings

shocking pink velvet blazer leather leggings

This is a really eye-catching outfit. The concept is to wear a shocking pink velvet blazer with an all black outfit consisting of a black sweater, leather leggings and ankle boots.

Wear it with a pink blouse and burgundy leather shorts

pink blouse red leather shorts

This is such an interesting pink and burgundy color combo that I didn’t know it would work until I actually see it. For the top, wear a pink blouse with a burgundy velvet blazer. Complete your outfit with a pair of burgundy leather shorts with pink heels for a chic outfit.

I hope you enjoy the velvet blazer outfit ideas I just shared. These gorgeous blazers are just blazers with an interesting twist. Try it. It’s surprisingly easy to peel off.

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