How to wear a mohair sweater

A mohair sweater usually takes the form of a chunky, oversized knit sweater. You can easily build a charming and feminine casual outfit around it. It’s basically a fuzzy or fluffy version of a knitted sweater. Since most mohair sweaters are very loose fitting, regardless of your body type, they are very easy to take off. To give you some ideas on how to look good with them, I have compiled a list of the best mohair sweater outfit ideas. Now let’s check it out.

Light green mohair knit sweater with beige chinos


Let’s start with an outfit that’s just formal enough to be worn as a business casual outfit to the office. Pair a light green mohair sweater with beige dress pants to pull together this look. For the shoes, either black ballerinas or pink pumps with pointed toes go well with the outfit.

Pink mohair sweater with light blue skinny jeans

pink mohair sweater light blue skinny jeans

This outfit is sure to be the most adorable outfit on this list. To achieve this amazing look, you can wear a pink mohair knit sweater with light blue unwashed skinny jeans. To finish off the outfit with elegance, wear a pair of white pointed-toe platform heels.

Green cropped mohair sweater with black skinny jeans

green cropped mohair sweater black skinny jeans

A combination of black and light green can often create a stylish outfit. In this case, a green mohair knit cropped sweater is paired with black skinny jeans and a black blazer to create a stylish and understated sexy outfit. The pieces are very creatively combined with cheetah flats. It’s very unexpected, but the result is surprisingly good.

Gray short-sleeved mohair knit V-neck jumper

Gray mohair short-sleeved V-neck knit sweater

This is a very feminine and unique layered outfit. For the top, wear a blue and white striped button down shirt and a gray short-sleeve sweater with a mohair V-neck over the shirt. Pair them with a black quilted midi suit, crew socks and a pair of blue and white striped ballet flats. It’s amazing that all these rare items can be put together so perfectly.

Gray oversized knitted mohair jumper with mini skirt

gray oversized mohair knit sweater mini skirt

For a minimalist and beautiful look, you can simply wear a gray oversized mohair sweater over a gray and white tribal print mini skirt. Wear nude or white boho style sandals for the shoes to give the outfit an extra feminine feel.

White semi-transparent mohair sweater dress

white semi-transparent mohair sweater dress

Here is a white semi-sheer oversized sweater used as an overlay. Wear a black vest top and blue skinny jeans with a sweater. Complement your outfit with black heels for a classy touch.

Ivory knit crew neck sweater with white sweatpants

Ivory knitted crew neck sweater, white sweatpants

For a causal street look that’s slightly sporty, you can wear an ivory crew-neck mohair knit sweater and white sweatpants. For the shoes, white sneakers would be a perfect choice. Heels or sandals don’t go so well with jogging pants.

Cropped fuzzy sweater with jeans

short fuzzy sweater jeans

If you’ve put a lot of effort into keeping in shape, here’s a simple and sexy look you might want to try. You can simply pair a white cropped mohair knit sweater with light blue skinny jeans. For the shoes, you can wear either light pink heels or black open toe heels to add a feminine touch to the overall look.

White knit sweater with printed skater skirt

Skater skirt with white knit sweater

Here is a gorgeous and unique work outfit that you might want to wear for your next casual Friday. Just sport a white figure hugging a mohair sweater with a black printed skater skirt. Pair them with light pink heels and a chic pink wallet to elegantly complete the outfit.

Gray mohair sweater cardigan with shift dress

gray mohair sweater cardigan shift dress

Consider this outfit for a feminine and understated sexy look. Wear a black chiffon V-neck sheath dress. Wear it with a gray mohair cardigan as a drop shoulder cardigan. Pair the pieces with black open toe heels with ankle straps for a chic and sexy look.

White mohair sweater with a round neckline and black skinny jeans

white mohair sweater with a round neckline, black skinny jeans

Since a mohair sweater is already very beautiful and eye-catching, you can often wear it just with skinny jeans and the result would be at least good, if not great. For example, you can wear a white mohair knit sweater with black skinny jeans and black ballet flats to create a beautiful look.

White turtleneck with turtleneck and skinny jeans

white turtleneck turtleneck sweater

Here is another simple outfit that consists of just a sweater and jeans. But this time the sweater is a white mohair turtleneck. To look more casual, you can simply wear it with black skinny jeans and white sneakers.

Blue turtleneck with turtleneck and washed skinny jeans

blue turtleneck with a chunky knit sweater and washed skinny jeans

The colors can make a world different. Here is an outfit that consists of a sky blue mohair turtleneck sweater and washed blue skinny jeans. For the shoes, simply wear light pink heels for a refreshing look.

Green chunky mohair sweater with mini shift dress

green chunky mohair sweater mini dress

For a minimalist and chic look, you can wear a green oversized mohair knit sweater with a dark green mini dress. The dress has some beautiful lace detailing at the hem to make the outfit look even more feminine. To complete the outfit with elegance, simply pair the outfit with black open toe heels with ankle straps. For more outfit ideas for similar shoes, check out our blog post on styling black heels with ankle straps.

White oversized knit sweater with black leggings

white oversized knit sweater black leggings

While I’ve shown you many chunky or oversized sweaters, this one is the real oversized one. The white extremely oversized mohair knit sweater is paired with black leggings and black ballet flats. The result is surprisingly beautiful and natural-looking.

I hope you enjoy the mohair sweater outfit ideas above. I believe that all the outfits mentioned are very easy to take off. Try some of them and see how they look on you.

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