How to wear a knit sweater

There are so many ways to wear a cable knit sweater that you can look so different, from cozy, stylish to sexy. They come in many different forms like sweater coats, sweater dresses and sweater hoodies. Let’s examine how you can look amazing with different types of cable knit sweaters now.

Wear yours with a long coat and leather shorts

Knit sweater with long coat

I want to start with a less typical outfit idea. This is a great way to wear a high fashion cable knit sweater. You should combine the sweater with a long coat and leather shorts of similar colors.

Off the shoulder knit sweater with thigh boots

off the shoulder knitted sweater jeans

This outfit is a good demonstration of how to look sexy and minimalist at the same time. Wear the sweater to show off your collarbones. The overknee boots are the secret that makes this outfit so stylish and uncomplicated. It works best when the colors of the sweater and boots are the same.

One shoulder sweater with white hot pants

A knitted shoulder sweater in white denim

If you have nice collarbones but prefer something more refined than a strapless top, try a one-shoulder sweater. Pair it with white jeans for a fresh look.

Long knit sweater with leggings and long t-shirt

long knitted sweater

As mentioned before, knitted sweaters come in different shapes. A good, unique variation is the long sweater. Wear it with a white long t-shirt, gray leggings and ankle boots to dress well. You will be amazed at how slim and adorable this outfit makes you look.

Wear a gray cable sweater with an all black outfit

gray cable knit sweater all black

Wear a gray high neck sweater with a black coat, a black skirt, black leggings and black shoes for a semi-formal outfit. Not only does this outfit look professional, it is also not as boring as other semi-formal outfits you usually wear to work, making you stand out from the crowd at the office.

Wear yours with skinny jeans and leather boots

cream Calbe knit sweater, black skinny jeans

Skinny jeans and leather boots are also a good combination. As expected, when you pair them with a cable knit sweater as a top, the magic continues. This is the kind of minimal outfit you can literally wear to work every day in the fall (unless you have to wear suits, of course. In that case, I recommend reading my other blog post on wearing suits .)

Wear a plaid skirt and sneakers

casual cable knit skirt

I’m always a big fan of these outfit ideas that look gorgeous and demure at the same time. What better way to present yourself by looking so beautiful while others think you’re not even trying. This outfit idea is a perfect example of that. The color of the sweater, bag, skirt and sneakers just go perfectly together. It’s amazing how beautiful these simple pieces can look together.

Wear with sweatpants

Knit sweater jogger pants

If you want something really casual, an outfit for shopping or walking, you can try to combine the sweater with gray sweatpants. The outfit looks warm and soft.

Long knit sweater with long white t-shirt and boots

white long knitted t-shirt sweater

A long sweater is a versatile item. A good example of this style is wearing a long white t-shirt and knee-high boots. The casual street outfit makes you look particularly stylish when you combine it with a cool long necklace.

White sweater over blue shirt

white cable knit sweater over blue blouse

If you want a more feminine look, you can try wearing a white sweater over a blue shirt. You can pair it with black skinny jeans if you want to look more professional. Or to look more refreshing, simply wear black skirts or shorts.

Light blue knit sweater

light blue knit sweater outfit

An atypical but beautiful color for a cable knit sweater would be light blue. Since the color is already very special and eye-catching, just wear it with a black mini skirt or denim shorts, which will go perfectly with it. Although it looks simple, the color will make you stand out.

Wear a long knit sweater and t-shirt dress

Cable knit sweater with t-shirt dress

Let’s talk about another combination of two simple pieces that come together to create an amazing result: the long cable knit sweater and the t-shirt dress. To look beautiful and sexy with this outfit, you have to pay attention to the details. It is preferred that the sweater is slightly longer than the t-shirt dress.

White knit sweater dress with ankle boots

white knit sweater dress

I can’t finish this piece without mentioning an all white outfit. A white cable sweater dress and white ankle boots are the perfect combo for a neat and innocent look. This is a great refreshing outfit for a Christmas party.

Cable Knit Sweater Hoodie

Cable knit sweater

If you are a fan of hoodies this is for you. Wear the sweater with ripped jeans or boyfriend jeans. It is a stylish street outfit that you should try especially in autumn.

Cold shoulder sweater dress

Cold shoulder knit sweater dress

For those of you who have nice shoulders, this is a low key sexy outfit idea for you. For shoes, healed sandals of matching color are preferred. By the way, you can also show off your long legs with this outfit.

I hope you enjoy the cable knit sweater outfit ideas I just shared with you. Without a doubt, I believe that a cable knit sweater is a must-have for deep fall and winter. There are so many ways you can style it. Before you get started, check out our other blog posts where we share the best outfit ideas we can collect. I hope you like it.

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