How to wear a gray blazer

When you want to dress smartly for work, a blazer is probably the first thing that comes to mind. While a black blazer is definitely the most popular choice, a gray blazer can also make you look professional but a little less serious. You can think of a gray blazer outfit as a toned down route to the power dress. To show you some of the best looking gray blazer outfits I have compiled an interesting list. Now let’s check it out.

Gray wool blazer with light gray knit sweater


To start the list, here is a very balanced and classy looking business casual outfit. For the top, wear a light blue button down shirt, gray knit sweater and gray wool blazer. Black skinny pants and light pink heels are a nice addition to this outfit. This is a relatively feminine and soft outfit for those of you who don’t want to wear a power dress.

Gray patterned blazer with white top and black drainpipe trousers

gray patterned blazer white top black drainpipe pants

This is a more stylish and unisex outfit. It consists of a white t-shirt and gray blazer for the top, and black drainpipe pants and black ankle strap with open toe heels for the bottom. Note that wearing a blazer with a white t-shirt may not be appropriate for a workplace. But if your workspace allows, it’s a great way to look sleek and smart.

Gray blazer with cuffed jeans and black heels

gray jeans with blazer cuffs, black heels

For a chic look, you can wear a white shirt with a gray blazer as a top. Pair them with cuffed skinny jeans and black suede heels for a simple and elegant look.

Wear it with a gray turtleneck

gray turtleneck turtleneck sweater

If you want to style a gray blazer more ladylike in winter, here is an outfit idea to consider. For the top, wear a gray turtleneck with a gray wool blazer. Pair them with blue skinny jeans and cheetah heels. The texture of knitwear and wool plays a big part in making this outfit look cozy.

Wear it with a white V-neck tee and ripped skinny jeans

white skinny jeans with V-neck

When the weather is not that cold, you can wear a minimal outfit like this one for a more casual look. You can simply wear a white V-neck top and a gray blazer. Wear skinny jeans and silver heels to complete this outfit.

Gray heather blazer with red skinny jeans

mottled gray blazer red drainpipe jeans

Without seeing this picture, one might think that wearing red pants to work would be a bit too much. Now look at the picture and see what happened when they are paired with a gray blazer. The outfit looks surprisingly natural. To achieve this unique and beautiful look, pair a white knit sweater with a heather gray blazer, red skinny jeans and light pink heels.

Gray blazer with an all black outfit

gray blazer all black outfit

If you want to dress more boldly or aggressively, wearing a gray blazer with an all-black outfit can create an intense color contrast and achieve your goal. For example, wear a black V-neck top and black skinny jeans with a gray blazer. For the shoes, keep the black and gray theme consistent by sporting a pair of black strappy flats.

Wear yours with a navy and white striped tee and skinny jeans

dark blue and white striped t-shirt skinny jeans

A good trick to looking more casual isn’t to wear a solid color top, but something like this navy and white striped t-shirt. You can style it by wearing it with a gray blazer, slim pants and pink flats.

Wear it with a long gray scarf and black ankle boots

long gray scarf black ankle boots

A stylish way to add an extra layer to your outfit is to wear a long scarf. As an example, you can wear a gray long scarf with a gray wool blazer for the top. Pair skinny jeans with black suede ankle boots to complete the look. For more outfit ideas for similar shoes, check out our blog post on styling suede ankle boots.

Blue and white striped shirt and jeans with buttons

blue and white striped button up shirt jeans

Here is an interesting boyish looking outfit. You can achieve this look by wearing a blue and white striped button down shirt, gray blazer, skinny jeans and black heels.

Wear it with a gray sweater and black leather trousers

gray sweater black leather pants

If you want to dress more stylishly, wearing leather is often a good place to start. To complete this stylish outfit, pair a white shirt with a gray knit sweater and a gray blazer for the top. Add a lot of style and character to the outfit by wearing black leather trousers and leather ankle boots.

Two-piece set consisting of a gray blazer and pencil skirt

two piece gray blazer pencil skirt

For a ladylike work outfit, you can wear a gray two-piece set consisting of a blazer and a pencil skirt. Pair the set with a white bow tie and light pink heels to complete this elegant look.

Long blazer with a printed t-shirt and gray jeans

long blazer print t-shirt gray jeans

For a stylish casual look, wear a longline blazer with a printed t-shirt for the top. Wear them with gray jeans, skinny jeans and brown leather shows for a stylish look. By the way, I think that gray jeans are a bit underestimated in the fashion world. With the gray jeans you can often create very stylish and unique outfits.

Gray tweed blazer with black turtleneck

gray tweed blazer black turtleneck sweater

Wear a gray tweed blazer with an all-black outfit for a balanced and sophisticated look. The black part consists of a black turtleneck turtleneck sweater, black skinny jeans and suede boots.

Wear yours with a white button down shirt and gray skinny jeans

white button down shirt gray skinny jeans

For a less serious work outfit, a light gray blazer is a great choice. You can wear it simply with a white shirt, gray jeans and black heels.

Here are some gray blazer outfit ideas that I honestly think are awesome. Will you wear a business casual outfit to work tomorrow? If so, try one of the outfits mentioned.

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