How to Wear a Fit & Flare Dress

Fitted and flared dresses are very difficult to wear. It’s a fact. You can’t really have love handles and still expect to look good to look great in fit and flare dress. However, if you are one of those who have consistently worked hard to keep in shape, then you certainly can. In this blog post, I am going to share with you some of the best ways to wear a fitted and flare dress. And for those of you who are not in shape yet, this blog post is a motivation for you to start exercising every day.

Black bodycon dress with a large crystal necklace


The firm black fit and flared dress is the classic must-have. Black color can make you look slimmer. Wear a large, sparkling crystal necklace to make this outfit even more special. Crystal and black are a very beautiful combination.

White sleeveless dress


Of course, white is another classic color. A white sleeveless fit and flare dress will make you look very different from the black one. White and the fit and flare are a perfect match. Just be careful you don’t want to wear such a beautiful white dress as a wedding guest, but it’s perfect for a cocktail party.

Navy long sleeve pleated flare dress


Fit and flare dresses look best as sleeveless dresses. But if you are in a colder environment or just want to be demure, a long-sleeved one can also look very nice. For example, this navy blue long sleeve pleated dress is a very comfortable looking dress that can make you look demurely beautiful in a party.

Fitted flared black mesh dress


After sharing some classic solid color dresses with you, I will share with you this dress with a little twist. This black fit and flare dress has a mesh overlay that makes it look so adorable.

Pink wide striped dress


Wide stripes also work well with fitted and flared dresses. For example, this dress shows an interesting way to use the colors of shocking pink and pale pink. The colors are so stunning that you can simply wear the dress with black heels and no accessories.

Gray fitted and flared dress with thin belt


This dark gray dress looks amazing and has a twist. It uses a thin belt that makes your slim waist even more obvious. This is a nice outfit that is appropriate for work.

Flocked fit and flare dress


For something else, let’s talk about this beautiful flocked dress. This black top, navy flocked fit and flare dress is casual with beautiful detailing. It’s a demure beautiful dress that you wear to parties. Combine the dress with open platform heels for the best result.

Black lace dress with a high neck


Here’s a sexy looking outfit that doesn’t require you to show much skin at all. That’s the magic of the tip. This black, fitted and flared dress consists of the high-necked lace top and the flared bottom. Wear silver open heels that go perfectly with the black dress.

Floral fit and flare dress


As a big fan of the floral pattern, I won’t end a blog post about dresses without mentioning the floral trend. As you can see in this dress, a floral fit and flared dress is very eye-catching. Due to the fact that it can get a lot of attention, this dress is especially for those who have a fit body and a lot of confidence. Wear long earrings to complete this gorgeous outfit.

Navy Lace Chiffon Flare Dress


This navy dress features the combination of chiffon and lace. When you wear a dress with beautiful details like this, you don’t have to wear any accessories. A subtle neckless or no accessory usually suffices. Wear matching heels with the dress. This is a very simple yet elegant outfit for cocktail parties and weddings.

Deep V fit and flare dress


This dress works well for a sexy summer look if you don’t mind showing some skin. Pair the deep V-fit and flare dress with sandals. This outfit is a great way to really stand out from the crowd at an outdoor summer party.

Black and white off the shoulder dress


Among this list, this outfit idea is probably the only one you can still shrug off with some belly fat. The strapless black and white striped dress shows off your shoulders and collarbones. It makes people’s eyeballs focus on shoulders and above and that’s why you can get away with love holds.

Red tie fit and flared dress


For a bright, eye-catching look, you can wear a red dress. This flare fit tie dress looks sharp and sexy. You can simply wear matching heels with the dress. This is how you can dress as a minimalist.

Long Sleeve White Fit and Flare Dress


For a sheer look, you might want to try this white long sleeve dress. Simply combine this dress with silver open heels.

Backless pale pink dress


This pale pink backless dress can really make you stand out at a cocktail party. Pair it with a bracelet and a cleavage for a totally elegant and sexy look.

I hope you found the outfit ideas I just shared useful. The hard fact about fit and flare dress is that it really does require a slim waist to look good. If you are interested, read our blog post on how to get rid of love handles. Be sure to check out our other blog posts for lots of outfit ideas before you leave.

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