How to wear a fishtail dress

Fishtail dresses usually come in the form of maxi dresses and midi dresses. The fishtail gives the outfit a feminine feel and helps to cover the shapes of your legs in case you don’t have the best looking legs. There’s nothing wrong with minimizing your weakness. Emphasizing your strength and minimizing your weakness has always been an important part of the outfit game. To inspire you to come up with your own outfit ideas, I have compiled some very good looking fishtail dress outfit ideas. Let’s dive right in.

White Strapless Fishtail Maxi Dress


I’ll start the list with a clean looking outfit. It consists of a white strapless fishtail dress and silver sandals. The white dress does a great job making the outfit look both sexy and adorable. How to stand out from the crowd at a cocktail party.

Off the shoulder gray bodycon midi dress

strapless bodycon midi dress

This dress has the perfect color and cut that makes it a youthful and refreshing dress. It’s a strapless gray bodycon midi dress with a lovely little fishtail cut. Wear white heeled sandals to complete this minimal yet gorgeous outfit.

Gray lace dress with asymmetric fishtail

gray lace dress with asymmetric fishtail

Here is a unique dress that looks both feminine and breezy. The gray dress is a fishtail dress where the fishtail part features an asymmetrical flowy design and the core part is made of lace. This makes the dress much more stylish than a typical lace dress. A good choice for shoes would be the silver open toe heels with ankle straps.

Light blue maxi dress with cross neckline

light blue maxi dress with crossed neckline

Here is a low key sexy dress that requires you to show skin on the upper waist area. It is a light blue criss-cross long flowy dress. It’s one of those dark horse dresses that makes you stand out from the crowd at a party among people who are sexy dresses.

Red Plunging V-Neck Fishtail Maxi Dress

red fishtail maxi dress with deep V-neckline

For a radiant look, this is a classic red dress that is extremely eye-catching. To achieve the sexy look, you can wear a deep V-neck fishtail maxi dress with open toe silver heels.

Pink strapless fishtail maxi dress with a deep V-neckline

pink strapless maxi fishtail dress with deep V-neckline

For a ladylike look, you might want to wear pink to your next cocktail party. For example, wear a pink strapless deep V-neck fishtail dress for a super chic and sexy look. Wear light pink heeled sandals to match the shoes with the dress. You can also wear a light pink chocker to complete the outfit with extra style and elegance.

Black strapless maxi dress

black strapless maxi dress

Although the color red is my favorite color when it comes to what color to wear to a cocktail party, a black dress like this off the shoulder maxi dress is a timeless design with a deep beauty I can’t deny. Wear it simply with black open toe heels with ankle straps to complete this beautiful and jet black look.

Gray maxi dress with semi-transparent lace overlay

gray maxi dress, semi-sheer lace overlay

This gray maxi dress is such a unique dress that consists of two layers. The inner layer is a bodycon mini dress while the outer layer is a semi-sheer maxi fishtail lace dress. The dress also has a sexy cut with an open back. To complete this remarkable look, you can wear a pair of golden heels to add an elegant touch.

Blue fishtail maxi dress with ruffled bodice

blue fishtail maxi dress ruffles top design

The blue dress has a unique design with a ruffled cut that resonates with the fishtail. It’s also an extremely sexy dress with a deep V-neckline that’s honestly hard to take off. But if you’ve put a lot of effort into getting in shape, you deserve to wear this stunning dress and shimmer at a cocktail party.

Red fishtail dress with a deep V-neckline and a low split

red deep split fishtail dress with deep V neckline

Although a deep V-neck red dress is very sexy, you can tone it down a bit and make yourself more approachable if you wear it as part of a minimal outfit without excessive accessories. For example, simply wear this red high split fishtail dress with a pair of black open toe heels with ankle straps for a minimalist and elegant look. For more outfit ideas for similar shoes, check out our blog post on wearing black heels with ankle straps.

Pink Sequin Flowy Fishtail Dress

Flowing fishtail dress with pink sequins

A fishtail dress often looks very elegant when it is in the form of a long, flowing gown. For example, this flowy pink sequin dress could make you look elegant and unique.

Dark blue maxi dress with chiffon lining

dark blue chiffon overlay maxi dress

This dark blue maxi dress is very chic and consists of several layers. It has a semi-transparent lace design in the collar area. The fishtail part is made with layers of chiffon to create a breezy and feminine feel. It’s a really nice dress if you want to wear it a little more mature. For example, if you are a boss or manager attending a corporate cocktail party, this is the perfect dress.

Black floral print deep V neck midi dress

black floral midi dress with a deep V-neckline

Sometimes you can bring your friends a good and refreshing surprise by wearing a floral dress to a cocktail party. However, this is not your usual bright dress. Instead, it’s a black one with red rose patterns. With the deep V-neckline, this dress simply demands the attention of others.

White floral dress with a ruffled collar

white floral dress with ruffled collar

Speaking of floral dress, this is a much more refreshing and cheerful white floral dress. It has a beautiful little ruffle collar design that makes the dress even more unique. Wear black open toe heels with a black choker to add class to your outfit.

Tiffany Blue halter midi fishtail dress

Tiffany Blue halter midi fishtail dress

The color Tiffany Blue is one of my favorite colors when it comes to dresses. The color just has so much depth. The Tiffany Blue Halter Midi Fishtail Dress just looks amazing. You can simply wear it with white heeled sandals to complete this remarkable look.

So, here are the fishtail dress outfit ideas that I really want to share with you. With the exception of some deep V dress outfits, most of the other outfits mentioned are easy to pull off. Give it a try and expand your comfort zone by continuing to dance at the edge of your comfort zone.

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