How To Wear A Bralette

Although underwear is believed to be worn under your clothing, a bralette is not one of these pieces. One of the hottest clothing trends of 2017 is rocking a bralette in different combos. This is an incredibly hot idea because what can be sexier than some lacy lingerie to see? Let’s consider what looks you can create to look trendy.

With a t-shirt or shirt

The easiest way to achieve a sexy and stylish summer layered look is to wear a gorgeous lace bralette under an oversized or semi-sheer top or t-shirt so your bralette can be seen. Choose it in a contrasting color to make the look more noticeable. When you add your favorite pair of jeans or denim shorts, you’re good to go!

Other ideas

Wearing a bralette with a skirt is another super sexy idea, wow, it looks so hot! Choose a lace bralette in the color you like and boldly pair it with a maxi skirt with a print or in some colors that somehow go with the bralette. Add a denim jacket when it’s cold for a perfect casual feel. Wear a bralette instead of a top with jeans and a denim jacket.

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