How to wear a black tank dress

The black pinafore dress is one of the most versatile dresses that you can wear for different scenarios. Whether you’re wearing it casually or to a cocktail party, the black pinafore dress won’t let you down. One beautiful thing about the black pinafore dress is that it is extremely easy to style. You can build a simple outfit or a more complex layered outfit around it and expect the result to look good. To better show you how versatile and beautiful it is, I have compiled a list of the best black strap dress outfit ideas for you. Let’s jump right in.

Black tank midi dress with ankle strap heel


As already mentioned, the black pinafore dress is a very versatile item. Here we are trying to make it look demurely beautiful at a cocktail party or even a prom. You can simply wear a black midi tank dress with a pair of black open toe ankle straps. That’s it. It’s that simple: you’ve already built a gorgeous and formal outfit around the iconic dress.

Black pinafore dress with a classic low-top Converse

black armored dress classic low-top converse

To create a more casual and stylish street outfit, consider choosing a black tank shift dress instead of a bodycon midi dress. For shoes, there’s no one that looks more casual than the classic black and white low-top converse. Combining the breezy dress with Converse is such a great outfit that you can wear it in the summer instead of wearing t-shirts and denim shorts all the time.

Black Open Toe Bodycon Midi Dress

Black High Strap Open Toe Bodycon Midi Dress

For a more stylish and unique look, some accessories and a more creatively designed pair of shoes will help. You can simply wear a black bodycon midi tank dress with black open toe heels that comes with the high ankle strap design. Wear a silver stylish necklace and a black leather handbag to complete this cool look.

Wear it with silver metallic open toe heels and black leather handbag

Silver Metallic Open Toe Heels Black Clutch Bag

Here’s a simple yet classy black and silver outfit that you can wear to proms and cocktail parties. Start with the black midi shift dress. Pair it with silver metallic strappy sandals. To make the outfit look even more elegant, carry a quilted black leather handbag for an extra elegant touch.

Midi dress with black and white sneakers

Black midi tank dress and white sneakers

Since the black pinafore dress is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing, you can definitely build a casual and sporty street outfit around the dress. For example, wear a black midi dress with a pair of black and white running shoes. Instead of carrying a handbag, you should wear a black backpack to look more casual and stylish.

Swing dress with blue denim jacket

Swing dress blue denim jacket

If you ask me what jacket to wear with the black apron, a blue denim jacket should be my first choice. This outfit is a perfect demonstration showing how breezy the black apron and denim jacket can look together. More specifically, the black tank swing dress is paired with the blue denim jacket and black sandals. To look even smarter, pull the denim jacket over your shoulders.

Wear with white long sweater

white long cardigan outfit

For a glamorous girl next door, pair a black V-neck mini dress and a longline white cardigan for a gorgeous layered outfit. Pair them with black stockings and brown leather pointed toe boots to add a classy touch to the overall look.

Black tank swing dress with straw hat

Black Tank Swing Dress Straw Hat

For a breezy sightseeing look, pair a black tank swing dress with a straw hat. For the shoes, either the nude sandals or the black ballet flats go perfectly with the rest of the outfit. Complete your outfit with a boho-style long necklace for a stylish touch.

Black dress with a denim jacket tied around the waist

black denim jacket tied around the waist

Here is a chic layered outfit that looks super chic. To achieve this look, wear a black knee length bodycon tank dress. Pair it with a silver statement necklace and light pink strappy sandals. Now comes the magic touch. Wear a straw hat and tie a denim jacket around your waist to take the outfit to the next level.

Black mini shift dress with leather backpack

black mini shirt dress leather backpack

This outfit showcases a youthful and stylish way to wear a black tank mini dress. To achieve this simple yet amazing look, simply wear the dress with a black leather backpack and nude sandals. That’s it. Believe it or not, this is easily my favorite on the list.

Wear it with a blue denim jacket and black leggings

blue denim jacket black leggings

For a stylish and feminine look, you can wear a black knee length apron over black leggings to create cool layers. Pair the pieces with a blue denim jacket and black sandals for a stylish finish.

Wear a cardigan with the Heather Gray Knit Sweater

gray knit sweater cardigan

Wear a black shift midi dress with a heather gray cable sweater cardigan for a minimalist look. Add a pair of black leather pointed toe boots for a stylish touch.

Black strap dress with denim vest

black tank dress denim vest

For a playful and fun look, you can wear a blue denim vest over a black tank dress. Pair them with brown open toe platform shoes and a straw hat to make the outfit look more fun and unique.

Swing dress with black sandals

Rocking dress black sandals

This is probably the easiest outfit on the list. You can easily complete this outfit by wearing a black swing dress with black sandals. Remember, the best is often the simplest.

Wear it with black leather ankle boots

black leather ankle boots outfit

Wear a black tank dress with black leather ankle boots for a clean and stylish outfit. Wear a statement necklace for girls to jazz up the look a bit.

I hope you enjoy the black outfit outfit ideas I just mentioned to you. They are just versatile and look simple and gorgeous. The black pinafore dress is an item that you should always have in your closet.

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