How to style white lace shirt

There are many women who only wear button-down shirts to the office, and they never wear shirts casually. If you’re one of those people, you’re just missing out on great fun. You can add so much variety to your everyday casual outfit when you decide to add button up shirts to your portfolio. There are at least two types of shirts that you should wear as part of your street outfit, namely the boyfriend shirts and the lace shirt. Today I am going to talk specifically about the white lace shirt. Let’s check out the following exciting white lace shirt outfit ideas that I have collected for you.

White Floral Shell Button Down Shirt

white flowery lace shirt with buttons

Without question, the white shirt with lace buttons is the most iconic type of all lace shirts. To start the list, here is a beautiful and cheerful floral white lace shirt. You can easily pair the white shirt with black skinny jeans or black chinos. For the shoes, either the black pointed toe heels or the white sneakers would work. I would prefer the latter to look more casual.

White buttonless lace shirt with a round collar


You can definitely wear a white lace shirt to the office. In this case, you don’t want a loose-fitting boyfriend shirt. Instead, you need a form-fitting and feminine shirt like this white lace crew-neck shirt. You can easily pair it with a black pencil skirt and black pointed toe heels for a beautiful and ladylike formal look.

White lace shirt with scalloped hem and black pants

white lace shirt with scalloped hem, black pants

Consider this outfit for an artistic and stylish black and white look. For the top, wear a white lace shirt with a scalloped hem. The shirt should be form-fitting and short so you don’t have to tuck it away. Pair it with black culottes for a breezy and artistic feel. Combine the outfit with black heels or, to look even more stylish, with black slippers.

White lace button shirt dress

white shirt dress with top button

Okay, this isn’t exactly a shirt, but I think you’d be interested in this too, so I put this outfit on this list on purpose. It’s a white slim fitting shirt dress with lace buttons that allows you to show off your waist and legs. You can wear the shirt dress with a pair of open toe heels with black ankle straps and a black leather clutch to add a classy and feminine touch to the outfit.

Wear yours with white wide-leg chinos

white chinos with wide legs

Don’t let this picture fool you. This is actually an outfit that is pretty easy to take off. You can simply wear a white lace shirt with wide leg chinos and a white belt. As for the shoes, you can achieve a white look by wearing white sandals or you can wear black sandals to add a bit of contrast to the outfit.

White shirt with buttons and lace sleeves

white shirt with buttons and lace sleeves

I know some people are a bit reluctant to wear clothes that are too flashy. While I disagree with that attitude, here’s a shirt designed for that group of people. Instead of wearing an attractive white lace shirt, here’s a flatter white shirt with buttons and subtle detailing on the lace sleeves. You can easily pair the shirt with blue skinny jeans and white sneakers to look cool and natural.

White crochet lace linen shirt with a black skirt

white crochet lace linen shirt black skirt

For a more feminine look with a touch of boho style, you might want to wear this white linen crochet shirt. You can wear it simply with a black skater skirt and black ankle strap open toe heels to complete an outfit that’s so adorable, it makes for a great dating outfit.

White short-sleeved lace shirt with a dark blue skater skirt

white lace shirt with half sleeves, dark blue skater skirt

For a cute and girly look, you can wear a white semi-sheer shirt with half sleeves and cute floral lace details. Pair it with a high waist black mini skirt to make you look tall and slim. For the shoes, wear a pair of black suede pointed pumps to complete this black and white outfit in style.

White Gathered Waist Button Up Shirt with Gray Jeans

white ruched waist button up shirt gray jeans

If you want to look slimmer, even though the shirt is a little oversized, you can choose a belted white lace shirt. Combine the shirt with gray skinny jeans and light pink heels to look simple and feminine.

White lace popover shirt with ripped jeans

white lace popover shirt ripped jeans

As you can see, this shirt only has the top two or three buttons and is often referred to as a popover shirt. You can wear this white lace shirt with ripped blue skinny jeans and nude sandals to look refreshing and casual.

White lace shirt with light green floral mini shorts

white lace shirt lime green floral mini shorts

For a feminine summer or spring look, you can wear a white lace shirt with mini shorts that look almost like beach shorts. In this case, it’s a pair of floral print mini shorts in light green. Pair them with white sandals for a simple yet attractive look.

White striped lace shirt with a tweed mini skirt

white striped lace shirt tweed minirater skirt

It’s not often that you see a tweed skirt. It’s even rarer to see it as part of a stylish outfit. To combine the gray tweed skirt, you can simply wear a white striped lace shirt that is not tucked away. Pair the pieces with a pair of white open toe heels for a light and refreshing look.

White shirt with blue jeans and brown boots

white shirt blue jeans brown boots

If you still think that a white lace shirt will get you over the dress, think twice after seeing this outfit. You can just wear it like wearing a boyfriend shirt. Go for a relaxed fit short sleeve white lace shirt and wear it with navy skinny jeans and brown leather boots for a casual and casual look.

White shirt with half sleeves and floral lace sleeves

white shirt with half sleeves and floral lace sleeves

For an understated sexy and feminine outfit you can simply wear a white lace half sleeve shirt and black mini skirt. Pair them with light pink open toe heels for a feminine touch.

Here are some very beautiful and stylish white lace shirt outfit ideas. Hopefully this blog post can solve your problem of not being sure how and when to wear that white lace shirt.

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