How To Style Midi Skirt Winter

Midi skirts are very popular with girls because they are comfortable to wear and look very feminine. We showed a lot of ways to style such a skirt for different seasons, and now let’s look at how to wear it in winter.

A-line skirts

A-line skirts have a very feminine silhouette and look very pretty. So why not rock one this winter? Go for comfy fabrics like velvet, leather, suede, wool, and tweed to feel warmer. Pleated skirts look very chic and trendy, and more and more fashionistas are wearing them. Put on an oversized sweater – it can lay over your skirt for an extra layer, or tucked into it to highlight the waist. Add sock boots that are now extremely trendy or other boots – and your feminine outfit is ready!

Straight skirts

Midi skirts in particular are another cool idea to try out in winter. These can be sporty skirts with pockets or sexy pencils, it’s entirely up to you. And again, the best top for such a skirt is a sweater. Add a scarf, leather jacket, coat and comfy boots to the whole outfit for a girly and stylish look.

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