How to style a long sleeveless vest

How to style a long sleeveless vest

For those of you who are a little bored with what you wear to work every day, I have good news for you. There are some cool little items that you can layer over your work clothes to make them look both more interesting and beautiful. These items come with a short but cool list of the cardigan, shrug and vest. Today I am going to talk specifically about a very special and stylish vest, which is the long sleeveless vest. What you’re about to see are some really good long sleeve vest outfit ideas that I’ve collected. Let’s jump right in.

Gray sleeveless vest with white mock-neck sweater


To start this list of elegant and comfortable outfits, I show you this professional looking and beautiful outfit. To achieve this look, you can wear a white mock-neck sweater with a gray sleeveless vest. Wear them with black skinny trousers and black suede knee high boots for a stylish look.

Gray sleeveless vest with black shift dress

gray long sleeveless vest, black shift dress

Although this outfit also includes a gray long sleeveless vest like the previous outfit, the overall look is very different. The vest is paired with a black mini dress that is just slightly shorter than the vest to make your legs look longer. Wear a pair of gray suede boots over the knee boots to add a feminine touch to your outfit.

Pink sleeveless long vest with black leather trousers

pink sleeveless long vest black leather pants

This outfit is more stylish and is especially suitable for those of you who work in the creative industries. To form this awesome outfit, you can wear a black vest top with black leather pants. Wear a pink sleeveless long vest over the waistcoat and complete your outfit with light pink ankle strap open toe heels.

Black vest with vertical striped shirt and jeans

Black vest vertical striped shirt jeans with buttons

For those of you who work in the creative industries or work as designers or artists, here is a cool and artistic outfit to wear to work. To achieve this look, you can wear a black and white striped button down shirt and a black sleeveless long vest. Wear ripped boyfriend jeans and light gray sneakers to complete the look.

Blush Pink Wool sleeveless long gray with white top and jeans

Blush Pink Sleeveless Long Gray Wool White Top Jeans

This outfit is not only stylish and elegant, it also has a feminine touch thanks to the use of the color blush pink. To achieve this look, you can wear a white long sleeve bodycon t-shirt with a pink long vest. Blue skinny jeans and white heels are an easy way to finish off your outfit.

Black long sleeveless vest with white skinny jeans

black long sleeveless vest white skinny jeans

To create an artistic and stylish look, using the black and white color combination often helps. As an example of such an outfit, you can wear a black vest top with white skinny jeans. Wear a long black sleeveless vest over these pieces. For the shoes, you can make the outfit both more stylish and feminine by wearing black strappy open toe sandals.

Wear it with a black and white striped long-sleeved turtleneck t-shirt

black and white striped long sleeve t-shirt with mock neck

Here is a very interesting take on an iconic black and white striped t-shirt. It is a long-sleeved stand-up collar paired with a long black waistcoat. A unique way to complete this outfit is to wear black bell bottoms and black heeled sandals to make it a more feminine outfit.

White vest with a light pink sleeveless top

white vest light pink sleeveless top

For a fresh and cheerful look, you can add more white to your outfit. For example, you can combine a white or light pink sleeveless blouse with a long white vest. Pair these pieces with light blue skinny jeans with cuffs and light pink pointed toe heels. Wear a boho style statement necklace to make the outfit even more stylish and unique.

Black long vest with gray half sleeve t-shirt

black long vest gray half sleeve t-shirt

Very rarely would you have an outfit that looks good with more than three colors. This is a nice exception that uses four colors. To style this outfit, you can wear a gray t-shirt with a black long sleeveless vest, white skinny jeans and bright red strappy ballet flats.

Light gray long vest with a chunky knit sweater

light gray knit sweater with long vest

Now let’s take a 180 degree twist and look at this outfit that only uses the color grey. To achieve this amazing look, you can wear a gray chunky knit sweater with a light gray long wool vest. Wear them with gray skinny jeans and gray suede pointed heels to complete your outfit in style.

Ivory long vest with dark blue sleeveless top

Ivory Long Vest Navy Sleeveless Top

This outfit shows how a long vest can turn a stylish and slightly unisex outfit into a beautiful one. You can also wear a dark gray t-shirt with blue jeans and light gray suede boots. This outfit would have looked stylish and casual if we stopped there. But by adding a long ivory waistcoat to the mix, the outfit is now a very adorable and gorgeous outfit.

Long crepe wool vest with black sweater and white shirt

pink wool long vest black sweater white shirt

This outfit is like a variation on a long wool coat outfit, except that the sleeves of the coat are magically removed. For the top, wear a white button down shirt, black sweater and long crepe wool vest. Pair them with gray skinny jeans and leopard print pointed toe heels to add a feminine and mature touch to the overall look.

White maxi vest with black midi dress

white maxi vest black midi dress

This is a very simple black and white outfit that can make you look tall and slim. The trick is to pair a maxi vest with a midi shift dress. In this case, a white maxi waistcoat is chosen to combine with a black printed high neck midi sheath dress. Pair these pieces with black strappy open toe heels for an elegant touch.

Wear yours with a white button down shirt and sequin maxi skirt

white button down shirt and sequin maxi skirt

For a chic and artistic look, find a black flared mini skirt with sophisticated silver sequin details. Pair it with a white button-down shirt and a black long vest. Finally, wear a pair of black strappy heeled sandals to look more elegant and ladylike.

White sleeveless waistcoat with belt and chambray shirt dress

belted white sleeveless vest chambray shirt dress

For a fresh and girly look, wear a belted white sleeveless vest over a chambray mini dress. Pair them with camel leather knee high boots to complete the outfit in style.

Here are the long sleeveless vest outfit ideas that are stylish yet minimal. Most importantly, the outfits are very easy to take off. Try these ideas and you will probably have fun.

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