How To Style A Lacquered Trench

If you’re a fashion-conscious girl who isn’t afraid of experimentation, this trend is exactly what you need to try – these are painted trenches and coats! This is a very bold idea no matter what color you choose, and it should be rocked carefully. Check out our ideas!

When it comes to colors, there are often fall-inspired hues like deep red, burgundy, purple, green, gray, blue, and rust and yellow tones. Take something that stands out and brings out the texture of the leather to its best advantage.

What can you combine your lacquered coat or trench coat with? Remember that your coat is extremely bold and shiny, so your clothes should be calmer underneath. Rock jeans or pants with wide legs, a simple T-shirt or a turtleneck sweater, additional heels or neutral trainers and make a super bold statement with your amazingly lacquered trench coat!

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